Since the PDF file format guarantees the security of your data, it is frequently used for the transmission of sensitive information. By encrypting and password-protecting their PDF files, users may protect them. Generally speaking, there are two types of secure PDFs: password-protected PDFs, which do not require a password to view the contents, and user-locked PDFs, which require one to read the contents. The owner-locked PDF is on the opposite side, which denotes that you need to enter a password in order to copy, print, or change the PDF’s contents.

It is necessary to first decrypt the password that has been set up with an owner level of protection before you can unlock a password-protected PDF file for printing. In this post, as we mentioned at the beginning, we’ll go over the manual steps you can take to unlock PDF files for printing.

What is the process for manually unlocking PDF files for printing?

You can unlock PDF files for printing using these 3 free methods. The following methods are available:

Method 1: Making use of Adobe Acrobat

To unlock a PDF file for printing and print the file again, utilize the Adobe Acrobat Pro Tool. Managing documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF) requires the usage of Adobe Acrobat Pro software. The PDF can be divided, merged, or modified, among other things, and it can be locked or unlocked.

  • Acrobat Pro DC must be open to view the file.
  • The drop-down menu under Tools>Protect>Encrypt>Remove Security will appear.
  • A password is required to open this file. Enter it in the Enter Password box.
  • You can now proceed by clicking OK.

Method 2: Use Google Chrome to find out

You can only accomplish this with Google Chrome if you want to remove the owner password from a PDF file. The only browser with this feature is that one.

Here are the steps to unlock PDF files so that they can be printed.

  1. Your computer should now be running Google Chrome.
  2. Open Google Drive after that.
  3. Select New from the drop-down menu in the Google Drive window’s upper right corner. By choosing it from the File Upload drop-down menu and clicking OK to upload it, you can choose your PDF file.
  4. when looking through a password-protected PDF’s contents. After being requested for a password, you should click Submit.
  5. On a Windows computer, click Ctrl+P to print the PDF document after it has been opened.

Methods that are manual have some drawbacks

  • It is necessary to purchase a membership for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC in order to use it.
  • The Google Chrome procedure may take a long time if you have a lot of PDF files.

To print PDF files, you need a free solution

Users can enable the print function in a PDF file that has been posted online by using expert software like PDF Unlocker from CloudXtra. There are no costs or fees associated with using this tool because it is online. Without requiring Adobe Acrobat to be installed on the computer, this programme may unlock the print option in a PDF file online.

This programme has the capacity to unlock PDF without requiring a password so that it can be printed. The following scenario takes place if owner-level limits are used to protect the document. Also learn about converting Excel to PDF.

As a result, the tool requires users to enter PDF passwords only once for user-level PDF documents. The print option will automatically be activated as soon as you enter a password.Check word to pdf for free!

The end of an era is near

You have been shown several ways in this article to unlock PDF for printing. We’ve provided both manual and automatic ways to bypass the PDF print lock.

The manual procedure has a number of problems, so we have created a professional alternative to overcome them. With this programme, you can easily unlock PDF for printing.

Using the tool is easy enough for anyone, even those who are not technically inclined.

You shouldn’t encounter any difficulties while attempting to split PDF files. It must give you a practical experience. This is the key justification for why you should check at the split PDF tools out there. Numerous online and offline solutions are available to help you divide PDF files in accordance with your needs and ultimately obtain the best outcomes from the operation. The most popular tools from among them are listed below for your consideration.

  • Visit our website

You should consider using the fascinating online tool for all of your PDF file-related tasks. Examine this online tool whenever you need to make changes to a PDF file. You can split PDF files using this tool as well. will soon provide a wide range of new features, including the capacity to password-protect PDF files and add watermarks to the PDF files.

You can upload the PDF file and then extract the pages using the online PDF splitter at You are free to make modifications to the PDF document as well. You can save the PDF file as a new one after making all the necessary modifications. The fact that doesn’t change the original PDF is one of the biggest reasons for you to utilise it. As a result, you’ll be able to keep the original PDF and make the necessary modifications. Therefore, you don’t need to hesitate before using to edit your PDF files.

  • Using EasyPDF

You can also look at the online programme called EasePDF if you’re looking for a quick and efficient way to divide PDF files. This is the ideal tool to assist you in editing PDF files and completing the task without running into any major obstacles. You can use this entirely online application to extract pages from PDF files. As a result, you don’t need to hesitate before using it. With this tool, you may obtain a fair amount of precision. However, this application is based on some of the most reliable working algorithms you can discover in an online split PDF tool.

With the aid of EasePDF, the procedures for extracting pages from a PDF are straightforward and practical. Even better, you’ll be able to upload files straight from your cloud storage account. The PDF files can also be rotated, zoomed, and have text added to them in addition to being split.

  • Splitting and merging PDF files

An online programme called PDF Split and Merge was created specifically for dividing and joining PDF files. As a result, someone who wants to continue splitting PDF files should consider looking at it. Since this tool was created with that goal in mind, you might find that using it is a good experience overall.

It will be possible for you to perform a bulk operation and upload up to 100 PDF files. However, you must watch out that they don’t grow larger than 190MB. With the user-friendly interface provided by the PDF Split and Merge tool, you can complete the task with ease.

It is also possible to convert excel to pdf using Foxit Tool.


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