Nowadays fashion is very versatile and women are more concerned about the products they are using to accessorize them. If you are a hairstyling geek then you are already familiar with closures. However, which hair closure is the best fit is the real question. You do not need to worry about it, we are going to unravel the secret of silk closure and lace closure in this article.

Closures’ bases are usually made with Silk and Lace. Silk Closure and Lace Closure both have their pros and cons. It is your personal preference which one you want to use.

If you compare the base, Lace closure is thinner and more comfortable than Silk closure. When glued around the outside of the hair line to fit in with your skin, lace closures are thinner and provide a more flat and seamless application. A skilled hairstylist may also sew it down without the need of adhesive. Wearing a flesh-colored stocking cap is often advised since some people think that when you stare directly at the person, you can see the braids underneath the lace.

Compared to lace, silk closures are constructed of a thicker fabric. Silk is preferred by some people because the fabric makes it appear as though your hair is growing from your head and the base is thick enough to cover the braids beneath. Since silk closures are often light-colored, you might need to tint the material to match your skin tone or apply foundation that matches your skin tone in the parting areas.

Silk Closure


  1. Natural Looking: Silk closure is the most natural looking closure as it blends with the scalp and looks very natural. For its natural look some people prefer silk closure.
  2. Easy Application: You can easily install silk closure and longer lifespan as it is thicker.
  3. No Bleaching: Silk closure does not require any type of bleaching.


  1. Thicker Base: For its thicker base some people do not prefer silk closure.
  2. Less Elastic: Silk closure is less elastic, it is hard to scratch the base due the thickness.
  3. Hair Grow Shifts Closure: As the natural hair grows it shifts the silk closure.  

Lace Closure


  1. Little Maintenance: Lace Closure does not require a lot of care or maintenance. You can use it for a long time with minimal care. Wash it with a sulfate free shampoo, condition it with a good conditioner, blow dry it with low heat, and style it— You are good to go!
  2. Last Longer: With proper maintenance lace closure lasts for a long time. You can use them for 2-4 weeks without any retouch. If you use Lace closure for more than 4 weeks it may irritate your skin.
  3. Protect Hair: Lace closure helps to protect your natural hair. You can dye, bleach, and color lace closure without damaging your natural hair.


  1. Limited Styling Process: Lace closure limits the styling process. It does not offer versatile styling— three part, free part, and middle part are the only styles that you can do with lace closure.
  2. Fitting Issue: Lace closure often does not fit. If you do not know your head size or measure them perfectly it may not fit you perfectly.
  3. Grow out Natural Hair: As your hair grows over time, it will grow together with lace closure. It usually pushes the closure and you will need to readjust.

So, which side are you on right now? Team Silk Closure or Team Lace Closure? It is your call!


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