Everyone wants to spend a weekend in Vegas. After all, what else can you do in Vegas that you can’t do anywhere else?

Well, that’s not quite true. You can get married in Vegas, sure. You can have a few nights of wild indulgence in Vegas, fine. You can even do a weekend tax consultation and get audited in Vegas, I guess.

But, really, we are talking about gambling, clubs, and general debauchery here. So, with that in mind, here is a full-blown weekend in Vegas guide, covering how to get the best value out of your trip and ensure a hell of a good time.

Know Where to Stay in Las Vegas

Strip hotels offer tourists a unique experience and a front-row view of Las Vegas attractions. Hotels like Mandalay Bay allow guests to stay close to all the magic while still giving them privacy and comfort. Off-Strip hotels are another great option if people are looking for a more budget-friendly stay.

There are many hotels to choose from that are still close to the action but offer more value and less congestion. Other options include private mini-properties and Airbnb rentals. These rentals provide visitors with more privacy and more amenities, such as a kitchen and pool.

Las Vegas Nightlife Guide

Begin your weekend trip to Vegas in style. Jet off to your hotel in a private limo or a helicopter ride. Once you’re settled in, it’s time for the nightlife. Hit up the newest, trendiest clubs, with resident DJs and world-renowned performers, or relax in a chic lounge bar.

On day two, take a trip to the Grand Canyon, or Red Rock Canyon, or enjoy a day of shopping in Downtown Vegas. After a full day, kick-off night two with a night cruise on Lake Mead, followed by a nightcap at one of Vegas’s coolest bars. Finally, end the weekend with a show – Vegas has endless options, from world-class comedians to extraordinary Cirque du Soleil productions.

Las Vegas Food Guide

Start off the day with the iconic brunch at Hash House A Go Go for a hearty plate of “twisted farm food.” For lunch, try the dim sum at Ping Pang Pong in the Gold Coast Casino. Then spend the afternoon and evening shopping and exploring the LINQ

Promenade and the magnitude of entertainment options at Circus Circus. Be sure to grab some street tacos or empanadas from Chinatown’s Wooftop 8 before heading back out for an evening full of exciting nightlife.

Sporting Events in Las Vegas

Those looking for sports-themed entertainment can enjoy more sporting events in Las Vegas. Start off the weekend at a professional baseball game with the 102-win Las Vegas 51s at Cashman Field. After the game, take the free tram across the Strip to Mandalay Bay and see world-class boxing and UFC bouts. Saturday can be spent with some golf on the acclaimed courses at the Wynn and Encore golf clubs.

In the evening, head out to the speedway for a raucous night of stock car racing. Spend Sunday wind-down watching some NFL or NHL action at the cozy sports bars of the Palms, Tropicana, or Downtown Vegas. Finally, cap off the weekend by watching an exciting Las Vegas Lights professional soccer match.

Weekend Cultural Entertainment in Las Vegas

To guide your cultural entertainment experience, start by researching Vegas’ infamous cultural centers such as the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, which features exhibitions on all aspects of nature; the Mob Museum, which details the history of famed gangsters in Las Vegas; and the Neon Museum, which displays the art of old neon signs.

Of course, all of these centers are located downtown, so planning ahead and booking a hotel downtown is a great option. For nighttime entertainment, check out the city’s multiple coffee houses and comedy lounges, which present plenty of unique and entertaining shows.

For dinner, try an escape room experience, interactive theatre experience, or dinner and a show. Finally, there are numerous art galleries in the city, ranging from classic to modern, so be sure to explore them over the course of the weekend.

Other Awesome Things to Do in Las Vegas This Weekend

Las Vegas, known for its world-renowned nightlife and shows, also has a variety of fun activities to enjoy throughout the weekend. Here the some of the most notable activities and places to visit in Vegas.

Take A Trip To Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam is only a short drive outside of Las Vegas and it makes for a great day trip during your weekend. The views from the top of the dam are simply stunning. You can take the official tour to learn more about the dam and take some great photos.

Get Married

If you want to get married in Vegas, the best way to spend a weekend in the city is to start off by getting a marriage license. Visit the marriage bureau and complete the necessary paperwork. After that, make a reservation for a chapel and arrange to have a small ceremony. You could either choose a traditional chapel or a themed one depending on your style.

Pick transportation to get to the chapel that is comfortable and well-suited to your preference. Consider booking a character to announce your grand entrance. Following the ceremony, plan a special dinner with your closest friends and family.

Bellagio Fountains

With open-air seating offering plush couches and chairs, you can sit just feet away from the splashing fountains. At night, the plumes of water light up in vibrant colors, and iconic tunes sound throughout the area. With 360-degree seating, you don’t have to worry about blocking the view of anyone else. And with regular shows every 30 minutes from 3 to 8 pm and every 15 minutes from 8 pm to midnight, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy its beauty.

Myriad of Activities for a Weekend in Vegas

Spending a weekend in Vegas can be a great way to relax and have fun. Between the amazing nightlife, delicious restaurants, and luxury resorts, it’s difficult to be bored in Vegas. By following the steps above, you can make sure that you make the most of your Vegas trip planning.

So book a flight, book a hotel, and get ready to have the time of your life!

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