When it comes to transporting a vehicle, there are a lot of different methods we can use.  Some of them are more complicated than others, of course.  Choosing an option in itself can be kind of difficult as well, which is why we’re here today.

We’ll be focusing on car shipping, of course, for the Maryland area.  The biggest hub in the state for these services is in Baltimore, which likely comes as no surprise.  Make sure to stay tuned if you would like further details about Baltimore car transport, since we’re offering five secrets you didn’t know about!

One: You Should Probably Plan in Advance

Now, this probably isn’t a mind-blowing revelation to some of you out there, but it’s worth mentioning.  It’s especially relevant if you plan to use car transport as a way to move your vehicle during a big move (whether that’s into Baltimore or out of the city).  You’ll want to know where your final destination is before you schedule anything with a shipper.

This does apply to buying or selling vehicles and using these services as well.  While you don’t have to think so far forward in these scenarios, it’s still worth making a solid plan before you make any commitments to a shipping company.

Two: You’ll Need Some Paperwork

The next thing to keep in mind as you consider what shipping company to use as well as when you want the service to happen is that once a driver arrives to pick up the car, you’ll need to provide some information to them.  Namely, you’ll have to offer some identification.

You can get an idea for what counts as a photo ID here: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/how-apply/identification.html/passport_1738.html.  Some other documents you could need include the registry information for the car and proof of purchase or insurance.

Three: You Should Clean Your Car First

This is one that tends to trip a lot of consumers up, so we wanted to highlight it.  When you do have your vehicle transported, there’s a good chance that the driver will be inspecting it once they arrive to pick it up.  Having the outside of your car clean will help make that go by faster, and any findings on scratches or dents will be more accurate as well.

You should also clear out the inside of your car, albeit for slightly different reasons.  Sure, you still want it to be clean for inspection, but the big thing is that you don’t want to lose any of your personal items during transit.  Before anyone arrives to pick the car up, double check and ensure that everything has been taken out.  It can save you some cash on the transit price as well.

Four: Hunt for a Deal

Certain times of the year we can score surprisingly nice deals on car transport.  It will depend on where you live, of course, but often we can find lower prices during the winter months because they are considered the “off season” for these services.

In general, you’ll probably want to hunt for deals when it come to this process.  Compare offers from multiple shippers and take into account things like how long it will take them to be ready for you.  The weight of your car will play a role in this as well, so bear that in mind before you make any firm decisions.

Five: Car Shipping is Usually Going to Save You Money

This final secret is another one that tends to catch people off guard.  How could we possibly be saving anything by splurging to ship a vehicle, right?  Well, much of this comes down to the fact that alternative options are quite pricey.  Take road trips, as just one example of this!

When you start to think about the costs involved in a road trip (which would likely be necessary if you were to drive yourself to the destination), they can add up quite quickly.  Gas prices are quite high right now, for one thing.  Then, there’s also a need for lodging each night.

Food and drinks will also have to be accounted for, even if you are planning ahead by packing some sandwiches and water.  Eventually, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up making some purchases at one rest stop or another.  It’s not hard to see why that will become expensive rather quickly.

In this sense, you can start to understand why this method can actually save you some cash!  This is even more true if you utilize some of our other tips and tricks, namely by hunting for deals and for clearing out any personal belongings before shipping.  The less heavy your car is, the less you’ll be charged at the end of the day, so that’s good to remember.


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