The kids between the ages of 8 to 12 are always up to some mischief and exploration. Tweens, as we call them, is the age (8-12) when kids are growing up from their childish era and ready to step into the teenage years. During this period, they start observing things, grasp more information, take responsibility and expand their wisdom horizon. If you are looking for landscaping visit All Green Nursery.

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Similarly, extracurricular activities for tweens are an essential part while growing up. It gives them an extra opportunity to explore their ways into the world. Not only that, but also, including extracurricular activities in their routine promote learning, offer new opportunities and help them gain practical information about things they have already learned in school.

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Top Ten Extracurricular Activities For Tweens

1) Encourage Them To Start Reading

Reading is perhaps one of the best ways to encourage your tweens to involve in after-school extracurricular activities. Insisting them to start reading for pleasure will give them the freedom to choose varied options to begin their journey. It could be books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, online articles, and so on. The process will strengthen their vocabulary and language skills. 

2) Let Them Pursue A Hobby (Or Hobbies) Of Choice

Everybody needs a hobby or two to keep themselves content when things don’t go as planned. Likewise, your tweens need a hobby to grow and explore. Encourage your kids to pursue something challenging that will help them utilise their physical and mental capabilities. Chess can be a good option, as does painting, photography, knitting, and much more. There is the nth number of opportunities that your tweens can analyse before finalising their decision. Similarly, engage them to solve online chess quizzes to enhance their mental sharpness. 

3) Gardening Is A Great Option Too

Whether we believe it or not, gardening has soothing effects which help calm the mind & body. Besides that, numerous gardening gadgets available in the market can help them test their skills on the go. The process will help them understand the importance of greenery, clean air, different plants & trees, their benefits, effects on health and much more.

4) Ask Them To Join School Clubs (If There Is Any)

School clubs are the perfect way to indulge in after-school extracurricular activities. The opportunity will help them build academic skills and socialisation, make lifelong friendships and learn how to engage with the public. Furthermore, these school clubs are not limited to books and debates anymore. They have more things to offer, such as designing, tricks of entrepreneurship, robotic science, learning a new language, and so much more. It is a great place for your tweens to explore their abilities.

5) Let Them Involve In Performing Arts

Is your tween a natural performer? If the answer is yes, encourage them to participate in performing arts through comedy, drama, dance or chorus. If on-stage performance is not for them, let them pursue numerous activities off-stage. They can join community theatres in their city (or in school) and join dance schools or local art associations to ignite their performing arts passion.

6) Make Them A Musical Maestro

While growing up, tweens balance their emotions, hormones, body and expressions. It is a bit of a confusing time for their mind and body. And what will be the best way to relieve their stress & anxiety and express their emotions than music? Enrolling your tweens in online music classes will be extremely helpful and assisting manage their mental and physical bodily pressure. Not only that but also, persuading your tweens to take part in online music quizzes will be extremely beneficial for their mental & physical health. 

7) Let Them Be A Player And Opt For Sports

Sports is perhaps one of the best options for after-school extracurricular activities for your tweens. It not only makes them physically & mentally fit but also makes them cautious about eating healthy and nutritious food, a habit beneficial for them throughout their lives.

Moreover, starting a sports journey early in life is essential to master the game. Besides, it will give your little one ample opportunity to play on a bigger scale later in life.

8) Let Them Be An Artist

Art is a broad term that takes painting, drawing, sculpture, visual art and other formats into its branch. If your tween has an artistic inkling we suggest you let them pursue it. Art help in expressing emotions and feelings in the best way possible. Sometimes, your kid might not be ready to open up to you or be able to find a coherent sentence to explain what’s happening to them. Art gives them the opportunity to explain themselves without getting judged.

Final Thoughts

Since tweens are still exploring their identities, they can have a multitude of interests during this period. It is pivotal for parents to engage them in such activities to make them smart and intelligent. The extracurricular activities mentioned above are the perfect options for your tweens or tweenagers to explore the further interest of choice.

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