Cryptocurrencies are extremely popular right now, so many brokers have already added at least some coins to their lists of available trading instruments. That means you can easily find a broker that allows you to make deposits in Bitcoin and trade it online. However, not every broker that supports deposits in crypto is equally user-friendly and reliable, so you should definitely look at other conditions, too. To help you out, we’re going to explain what to look for and give you the top 3 options to check out.

What to look for

When choosing a reliable broker to trade crypto, you should definitely check out which coins are there to be traded. While just about every broker supports BTC, ETH, or similar major cryptocurrencies, any other altcoins may turn out to be missing. Another important thing you should definitely check is how a broker is regulated: while many crypto exchanges don’t have any financial institutions above them, it’s crucial to ensure that the platform you’re going to use is at least reputable and popular enough.

You should also take a look at the fee structure of any platform you find: fees should be relatively low and transparent enough, or else you risk wasting all of your profits on them. Finally, it’s nice to have a couple of passive income options at hand: many crypto brokers offer you to invest your money in just some kind of project that can generate income without active trading. And if you don’t know what to choose, just pick something from our list of the top 3 best brokers accepting Bitcoin deposits.


One of the leading crypto brokers in the world, ByBit is focused on trading crypto derivatives. It allows you to deposit Bitcoin and then trade it for other cryptocurrencies. The exchange has a great library of educational materials and really attractive trading conditions.


Huobi is one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world. It has a great range of coins and 300 currency pairs to choose from. It’s available internationally, and you can start trading without passing the ID verification, so you can save your time and go straight to trading.


Binance is a reliable and novice-friendly crypto broker that allows you to deposit BTC without serious limitations. It has lots of available coins to trade, and the minimum deposit is just $1, so you can start trading right away without investing too much.


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