Developed by SAS Global, a very well-known provider of business and trading software solutions, this service is considered one of the best AI-based algorithmic tools for trading. However, it is much more than just that: the platform also has an advanced pattern recognition system that can help you look for trading opportunities and a special section where you can get valuable advice from trading experts. In this article, we provide a brief overview of its main features and tell you how to use them for trading.

Basic features

One of the most popular services for algorithmic trading, the platform is mostly known for its advanced trading bots with different functions which use artificial intelligence to analyze market data and look for patterns. For example, a screener analyzes graphs to give you signals when it’s time to open or close a position. More complex robots can help you develop a trading strategy based on your trading style, goals, desired yield, and so on. The service supports stocks, cryptocurrencies, and Forex pairs.

While the service is equally useful for both beginners and more experienced traders, it’s simplified and designed as user-friendly as possible to make things even simpler for novice traders. That means you don’t need any prior trading experience to start trading and making profits with Tickeron. The platform is perfectly suitable for relatively passive trading: just go to the robots section, choose a strategy, and click the Follow button to turn on the respective robot. Then, it will do the rest for you automatically.

Additional options

The platform also has a separate section called the Marketplace, and here you can access advice or forecasts made by professional consultants and trading experts. These forecasts cover various kinds of assets, and you can choose what suits you the most. However, the service is mostly focused on all kinds of AI-based forecasts. Among these, one of the most interesting tools is the trend predictor that helps you guess how the price of a certain asset is going to behave in the near future.

There is also a very useful instrument called the Time Machine. It allows you to go back in time using historical data and look for a certain pattern or forecast in the past. You can use up to four last years, and there are all kinds of filters or strategies you can apply. The platform also has specific instruments for crypto and Forex trading.


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