The Importance of Social Media For Charities

Social media is an essential tool for nonprofit organizations that seek to reach a wider audience. Nonprofits typically post information on their website or via email, but they can increase their exposure by posting information on social media as well. Sharing information on social media requires little cost or effort, and creates a chain reaction effect that can lead to greater visibility for the nonprofit.

A nonprofit’s social media strategy should reflect its purpose. For example, a homeless shelter might want to raise awareness of its services. An animal rights advocacy group may want to use social media to share information about the issues facing animals. It is important to have clear social media goals and to ensure buy-in from all employees and stakeholders.

Nonprofits should also consider how to divide their responsibilities across social media. While one person can handle the social media marketing, having a group of volunteers can help nonprofits reach a wider audience. One way to make sure that everyone is contributing is to create a content calendar and divide tasks among the group. Try coordinating weekly group huddles to make sure everyone is doing their part. Rotating the tasks among the members of the group will help keep the content fresh and train each team member to handle several aspects at once.

While it’s not easy to develop a social media strategy for nonprofits, the results can be tremendous. It can extend your organization’s reach and attract new donors, build brand awareness, recruit volunteers, and share news. The best way to engage with a social network audience is to create engaging content that helps them learn about your cause and participate in your mission.

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