Hungarian football was an example for many other nations during most of the 20th century. The website can be visited in order to wager on football matches from this nation as well. In addition to the Golden Team and fantastic players, Hungary also had some excellent football coaches.

One of the best examples was Márton Bukovi. He had a playing career between 1920 and 1935. However, he was far more successful as a manager. The 1xBet online betting platform can be visited at any moment when you want to wager on great football managers as well.

Introducing new tactics to the game

One of the reasons for which Márton Bukovi is seen as an exceptional football manager is because of his innovations in this realm. The most important of them was the introduction of the 4-2-4 system. Punters can make live sports betting from 1xBet on teams that use this formation as well.

The idea of the Hungarian manager when using this tactic was that his teams could be strong in both defense and attack. Also, the two midfielders had to be exceptionally good in both attacking and defending phases.

The low number of midfielders was largely compensated by having more talented defenders. In addition to being good at defending, they also needed to be capable of starting attacking plays of their own by advancing towards the midfield. The live sports betting options available from 1xBet also allow all members of the platform to wager on the best defenders in world football.

A legendary manager

Obviously, Márton Bukovi put his theory into practice with magnificent results. His first managing post began in 1935, when he took over the reigns of Croatian team Građanski Zagreb, which he coached for 10 years. After that he had brief spells in the Croatian national side, which is also available at and Dinamo Zagreb.

In 1947 the manager returned to his native Hungary, where he coached teams like:

  • MTK Hungária;
  • Újpest;
  • and the Hungarian national team.

In fact, Bukovi was an assistant manager to legendary Hungarian coach Gusztáv Sebes, with whom the national side obtained some of their best results ever.

Another great chapter in the Hungarian manager’s career took place between 1965 and 1967 in Greek team Olympiacos. Under his guidance, the team won many competitions and even enjoyed an unprecedented streak of 12 consecutive victories. The 1xBet website can also be used to wager on whether teams will be able to obtain these kinds of achievements. Bukovi is also remembered as a legend in Greece because he was capable of completely transforming football in the nation. This was mostly done through the promotion of several young and talented players.


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