What’s your favourite and most comforting food? Nothing is more soothing than a pizza straight from the oven. When you feel lazy to cook something after a long hectic day, when you want to celebrate your special day, or organise a party with your friends or family, pizza is the only thing that comes to everyone’s mind because of its delicious serving.

One of the first thoughts that always pops up is when a pizza box is delivered to your home; you can save time and energy because there is no need to clean the dishes. Not only this, but the pizza box can also be reusable, which can help keep the leftover pizza in the refrigerator.

From all this, think about how vital a pizza box is. Have you ever wondered where the packaging box came from and from how many innovations we finally got the box businesses to use these days?

Let us understand more about the pizza box in this article.

The evolution of pizza boxes

In the early days!

Pizza was first invented in the 1800s. Until shops were everywhere, bakers served their pizza in multilayered copper containers known as tiers, sold by street vendors. With the help of this, the pizza does not become soggy and keeps it warm. Stufe was popularly used in that era, but it was not enough for holding pizzas.

Usage of Bag and Base!

After this, a base and a bag are used to deliver pizza. Following world war 2, pizza began to boom, and many shops offered takeaway options. At that point, the pizza was served in a bag. The pizza sat on a piece of corrugated cardboard which acted as an insulator to keep the base warm, and the only thing would sit snugly in a paper bag, which still allowed steam to escape. Still, in traditional pizzerias, this technique is used.

A positive initiative: Cardboard!

In the 50s, pizza was reaching great heights, and bags were not an effective way to make a pizza look fresh. After that, the makers began using light paperboard bakery boxes for transporting thin pizzas that provided much more support than the bags. Multiple pizzas were used to carry without even ruining the contents. But if put in for so long, pizzas can collapse easily.

The invention of Pizza Boxes

As compared to paper bags, cardboard pizza boxed were superior but still they came with their own set of drawbacks.  The cardboard boxes used to become mushy when they were exposed to moisture. Therefore, there was a need of resilient packaging to keep the pizza warm during the transport.

This is when Tom Monaghan, came with an idea of creating pizza box in the 1960s. Monaghan’s idea was to create something lightweight and robust that has air holes to let the steam escape and prevent the pizza from becoming soggy.  His invention was known to be a sustainable option of pizza companies.

Trends in custom pizza box printing and branding

For every business to flourish, innovation is the key. And here, pizza packaging is no exception. Most customers opt for eco-friendly alternatives, and pizzerias are making their way to make the products outshine. Here are some trends you need to learn that are set to dominate in 2023.

Minimalist design

We are pivoting to sustainable packaging; the minimalist design is also a substantial trend in custom pizza packs in 2023. The design with the same will look pleasing, due to which companies are shifting to the type of packaging and still providing customers with stylish and attractive products. The minimalist look creates a sense of sophistication and modernity for pizza boxes. Businesses can focus their energy on other aspects even.

Technology-enabled packaging

In the technology-enabled packaging, you can get security and additional information. These food package boxes come with QR codes these days. With the help of this QR code, additional information is provided about the product. This is a positive point for the evolution of pizza boxes. Even some intelligent custom boxes also track many parameters like freshness, pH, food quality and maintenance of health standards.


Personalisation is something many companies are already into. Digital printing technology enables companies to look for more creative and innovative ways to print custom pizza boxes for consumers. It helps them create high-quality images with intricate details while offering personalised options unique to the customer’s needs. Not only pizza boxes but personalisation can also make any product memorable.  Various companies these days use a wide range of materials in the production of custom pizza packaging boxes.

Final Words!

Pizza is among the most loved and favoured foods worldwide. Delivering the same to your home without ruining the product is challenging. Pizza packaging has put the world and even pizza companies’ sales to the next level. With the innovations since the 1960s, pizza boxes have changed for good and even today, many new experiments are done in order to raise customer experience.

You can also design a unique box if you are a pizza company. Just get in touch with the appropriate manufacturer.


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