Astrology is a different world in itself, which comprises so many planetary bodies and their hidden meanings. Even within astrology, there are multiple aspects and components to it, which are extremely complex and compounding to a human being like us. It is extremely hard to understand them unless and until a person is an expert in this subject. But, there are still certain aspects which are easy to understand or you can ask astrologer about them.

The sun:

The sun is your identity aspect, and it tells a lot about our basic identity. It describes the aspects of our motivations, will, needs and individuality; it essentially describes the way we express these aspects. The house it is in determines the area where we can be ourselves in the most effective manner possible.

The Moon:

The Moon is a more sensitive aspect of our astrological chart. It tends to describe our feelings, the subconscious state of our mind, our habits, our instincts, and even our memory. This is the sign that decides exactly how we experience certain emotions. The house placement of the Moon tends to point towards the area or aspect in our life which is most essential to our well-being.

The Ascendant:

The ascendant tends to describe our personality. In other words, the face we show the rest of the world.

The ruling planet:

Generally, there also exists a concept of a ruling planet. Basically, the planet that rules the ascendant is the ruler of the entire chart; it does not matter what its location is or where everything else is in the horoscope. As the ruling planet, it tends to contribute towards a sense of self and the impression we tend to give off to others. Given below is a table that shows the rising science and the ruling planets.

Rising Sign Trait Ruling Planet
Leo Confident Sun
Gemini Verbal Mercury
Taurus Stable Venus
Aries strong-will Mars
Cancer Emotional Moon
Scorpio Controlled Pluto and/or Mars
Capricorn Proud Saturn
Virgo Methodical Mercury
Libra Appealing Venus
Aquarius Friendly Uranus and/or Saturn
Sagittarius irrepressible Jupiter
Pisces Receptive Neptune and/or Jupiter


House Trait
First house Self-conscious
Second house Stubborn
Third house Extrovert
Fourth house A family person
Fifth house Romantic
Sixth house Hardworking
Seventh house Trusted Confidante
Eighth house Excellent observer
Ninth house An explorer by nature
Tenth house Leader
Eleventh house Hopeful person
Twelfth house Spiritual person


When there exists a cluster of three or more planets within the same sign or even within the same house is often referred to as a stellium. It goes without saying that a grouping of this nature is absolutely important. When it tends to appear in the same sign as the sun, which happens more often than one would believe, it only marks the importance of the message that the sign is portraying. If it appears anywhere else, it is known to Rival, even the sun, in matters of importance.

Anyway, it tends to offer an immense concentration of interests and passions. This is always a Focal Point within an astrological chart. If it ends up including four planets, and one of them is Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto, then it has the ability to take over the entire chart.

Elevated planet:

There are chances that there might be, or might not be, a planet within the astrological chart that tends to receive no form of recognition or honours; basically, it is not a chart ruler, and neither is it part of any Grand cross. But still, it does tend to stand out for a very simple reason, and it is the form of a beacon that is right at the top of a chart. And that’s all it is; it has the opportunity of being at the apex of the chart, and that gains its importance.


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