Far from embodying the braindead stoner stereotype, cannabis users are inventive and can instantly create makeshift smoking devices. The water bottle bong is a great example of this ingenuity. To make a water bottle bong, you will need a few supplies. You will need a bottle, a downstem, and a bowl.


water bottle bong is a great way to smoke weed on the go. It’s also a lot more discreet than using a regular pipe. Many water bongs range from simple plastic tubes to massive glass rigs with ice chambers and percolators. The best part about this type of bong is that it’s incredibly easy to use and clean. Add a bowl, pack it with your favorite herb and light it up. Then inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy your hit. To make your water bottle bong, obtain a large plastic water bottle. You’ll also need a piece of aluminum foil and a pen tube with the shaft cut off. Make a hole in the side of the bottle, big enough to fit the box.

Easy to Store

The water bottle bong is a cheap alternative to traditional glass, metal or acrylic bongs. It is also a lot easier to store than the bulkier options.

Making a standalone bowl out of aluminum foil is recommended rather than packing the plastic bottle cap to avoid inhaling the potentially harmful fumes from burning plastic. You can mold the foil into a bowl shape and punch holes to hold your weed. You can even add ice water for extra cooling and smoother hits! The possibilities are endless for the creative stoner.


A water bottle bong is a cheap and easy way to smoke weed. All the materials needed are found around the house and are inexpensive. This makes it a great option for new users and those looking to save money.

While a glass bong will always be the preferred smoking method, a water bottle bong is an excellent alternative. Just be sure to use a clean plastic bottle and avoid any made from aluminum foil. When burned or melted, these may produce harmful fumes and introduce contaminants into the inhaled smoke.

Another interesting replacement for bongwater is soda water. This cheap and easy alternative will add a fruity flavor to your hits. It can also be combined with ice for a refreshing and fruity experience.


Water in a bong is important to help filter out the harsh effects of smoke on your lungs. A water bottle can do the same thing, and you may find that your hits are smoother with less coughing after taking a bang out of a water bottle bong. A water bong takes advantage of the natural cooling effect that a body of water or ice can have on smoke. This can help filter out impurities and lead to a smoother inhalation experience. This is why bongs are considered a more refined smoking accessory than pipes. You can also replace the water with other liquids to add flavor and make your hits colder or warmer. Some weed lovers prefer to use soda water because it adds some carbonation and can enhance the flavor of their smoke. Other alternatives include Gatorade and cranberry juice.


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