If you want to enhance your office suite skills, WPS Academy offers free office training courses. These courses are user-friendly and will teach you new tips and tricks for using WPS Office software.

These courses are self-paced, so you can progress at your own pace. Plus, join a supportive community of WPS users to exchange experiences and ask questions.

Introduction to WPS Office

WPS office suite is a comprehensive collection of tools for professionals. It includes a word processor, spreadsheet program, and presentation app – all of which can be run on PC, Mac or Android devices for maximum flexibility and portability.

Supported file types include Legacy Microsoft Office formats (.docx,.xlsx), OpenDocument (.odt and.odp), Strict Office Open XML (.docx and.xlsx) and Transitional Office Open XML (.pdf).

Microsoft Office may not be a direct rival, but it offers an appealing alternative for those searching for an alternative program. It features a familiar workspace and user interface, plus it even recognizes files created by other programs.

You can use it to quickly create and edit documents, as well as download free templates for posters, cards, and other materials. Furthermore, the program allows you to access your files on Google Drive or Dropbox and automatically convert PDFs into Word or Excel formats for easier sharing.

Working with Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are programs that organize and analyze various datasets, either financial or statistical. They offer a range of automated functions for performing calculations and creating graphs.

A spreadsheet consists of one or more worksheets, each with a grid of cells organized in rows and columns. Each cell can contain data, a formula or function.

Each cell in a spreadsheet can be identified by its location (each column and row are labeled with a letter and number), as well as by its name or reference. This makes it easy to quickly jump to a particular area of the worksheet or refer back to formulas and functions in different ways.

Microsoft Excel is the go-to program for storing and analyzing spreadsheets. With its wide range of features that can be learned quickly through tutorials, videos or online courses on WPS Academy – Excel really does have it all!

Drawing Graphs

Drawing graphs in Word is a breeze and provides an attractive way to showcase data visually. Microsoft Word supports several types of graphs, such as bar charts, pie charts, and scatter plots.

To insert a graph into Word, open the document where it should go and select Insert > Chart from the top menu. A submenu will appear with various chart formats available.

Once you’ve chosen a chart format, click it to bring up an interactive window with different chart options and examples. These may include axis titles, data labels, as well as various color and style choices.

Create charts without the help of a computer using Legos or other plastic bricks. These can be an engaging way to visualize points on a chart and may be especially beneficial for students with low vision or dysgraphia.

Writing Documents

Writing documents is an essential skill for any job. Whether you’re creating documentation for a new product or creating public materials, you must know how to craft clear and concise documents that make sense to your readers.

One of the most essential principles when crafting a document is organization. This means prioritizing important information and making sure all other portions of your writing are clear and structured logically.

WPS Office can be your ideal writing software. It features a familiar Ribbon user interface similar to Microsoft Office and supports various file formats.

It boasts a high degree of integration, meaning it can accurately recognize and interpret files created in other programs. Furthermore, you can save documents directly to cloud storage services – an ideal way to get more done while on-the-go!

Getting Started

WPS Academy provides free tutorials for beginners, providing them with all the skills required to use their office suite effectively and efficiently. Courses are self-paced and can be taken at any time.

Starting up with your new office suite may seem complex at first. It may take you a few days to become comfortable with its user interface and features.

Once you become comfortable using it, WPS Office offers a number of features to make working more efficient. These include templates and online storage. Plus, keyboard shortcuts make tasks simpler.

Basic Functions

Microsoft office is one of the world’s most widely used software suites, with 1.5bn users worldwide using it. This collection of applications is designed to make everyday work tasks simpler for users.

The foundational component of any office suite is MS Word, which can be used for text processing and creating professional-quality documents such as letters or resumes. It’s an intuitive application available on Apple macOS, Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows OS systems.

MS Excel is an integral part of Microsoft’s office suite, designed to create spreadsheets with thousands of functions and features. It has become an industry standard and remains one of the most widely-used programs worldwide.

The three primary Office applications are Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Each has its own specialties but are all interconnected with one another within the suite; additional programs in this grouping include Access, Publisher and OneNote.

Creating a New Document

No matter if you’re creating a document from scratch or using one of Microsoft’s templates, the office suite has you covered. You can edit any DOC, DOCX, ODT, ODP or OTT file with ease.

WPS Office not only makes opening and editing files a breeze, but it also provides multiple methods for sharing your work via email, social media platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive.

The WPS Academy offers free tutorials for office suite users that cover everything from fundamental functions to more advanced features. These online courses can help you become a productivity ace!

If you want to learn how to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with Microsoft Office Suite, WPS Academy has free courses that can teach you everything necessary. Their video tutorials are user-friendly and will give you all of the skills necessary for getting the most out of your office suite.


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