A key component of owning and driving an EV is how conveniently one can charge it to get the range one needs. EV chargers are categorized into three levels depending on their charging power and time.

This article looks at EV level 1 chargers and what drivers need to know to pick the right one for their BEV or PHEV. Additionally, we will highlight some of the best options available today.

What is a Level 1 Charger?

The level 1 charger is the lowest level in the triad of EV chargers rankings. This charger typically comes with the EV upon purchase of a new one and will be referred to as a portable or emergency charger cable in some circles.

Come-with-the-vehicle level 1 chargers are designed for home use or emergency refilling when driving an electric vehicle to the office or stopping on a short commute.

The standard 120-volt socket at home can support an EV’s charging needs when using a level 1 charger. The driver does not need to install any additional panel to support EV charging.

Level 1 chargers are compatible with the J port (SAE J1772 charge port) that comes fitted on most passenger and personal EVs except Tesla. Tesla drivers can buy a J port adapter separately to plug their automobiles into the standard 120-volts outlets.

How Long Does A Level 1 Charger Take To Charge An EV?

It should be noted that level 1 charging is the slowest option for refilling an electric vehicle. Standard level 1 EV chargers can be expected to output lows of 1.3 kW and highs of 2.4 kW. This should give EV drivers a three-mile range for each hour of charging. The Electrly Portable Box boasts a superior output of 3kW, which adds up to 10 miles range per hour.

Using a level 1 charge, an overnight charge should be enough for short urban commutes. However, suppose one wants to charge their battery to capacity. In that case, a level 1 charger can take up to 24 hours or more, depending on other factors such as battery and charger health, other complimentary charging needs in the car, and power supply stability.

Electrly – Best Level 1 EV Charger Manufacturer

Electrly is a leading EV charger manufacturer that supplies high-quality level 1 charging equipment for residential and commercial spaces. The company prides itself on making innovative charging products that meet your specific EV charging needs.

Electrly offers white labeling services that allow you to enhance your brand awareness efforts by adding your logo and brand colors to any of their EV chargers.

With Electrly, you can enjoy convenient ordering with the minimum order quantity set at one. This feature allows you to test Electrly’s level 1 charger before committing to a bulk purchase for your business.

Each level 1 EV charger that Electrly makes comes loaded with the latest intelligent charging features ensuring that your customers can charge their electric vehicles efficiently and have the optimum range for their commute.

Through Electrly’s products, you can offer your clients a better charging experience that is fast and reliable. As an employer, having Electrly’s level 1 EV chargers on your premises allows you to provide your employees with convenient charging options while they work.

Electrly Portable Box – Best Overall Level 1 EV Charger

The Electrly Portable Box is a standout level 1 EV charger that performs excellently despite its compact size and lightweight. This L1 charger has been made using the highest quality materials, guaranteeing durability and extended use in the best condition possible. The Electrly Portable Box’s enclosure and extension cord are IP65-rated, providing unrivaled water resistance qualities that make the charger ideal for indoor and outdoor charging.

Electrly’s flagship level 1 EV charger has a charge rate of 3kW that guarantees up to 10 miles range for each hour of charging. This number is significantly higher than the standard 3-5 miles range from regular level 1 EV chargers with a 1.9kW charge rate. Its 230V AC output helps it charge much faster and allows for flexible use for level 2 charging too.

Other impressive features of the Electrly Portable Box include an easy-to-decode LED charge indicator on the charger enclosure to help you know the charging process. This level 1 EV charger also has surge and overload protection. It also satisfies rigorous safety and quality certifications such as EN/IEC 61851-1: 2017 and EN/IEC 61851-21-2: 2018.


  • 3kW quick charging
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Plug and play
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • 2-year warranty
  • LED indicator
  • IP65 water resistance


  • No carrying case included

Why A Level 1 EV Charger Is Important

Level 1 chargers are an excellent option for any EV owner and business premises looking to offer their customers a  convenient charging experience. Some of the most compelling reasons why you need to get a level 1 charger include the following;

a)   Enhance Customers And Employees’ Experiences

Availing level 1 EV chargers like the Electrly Portable Box to your employees at the workplace or customers at your business premises is an excellent way of giving them extra benefits that enhance their experience. EV-driving employees can conveniently charge their cars while working, and customers can extend their cars’ ranges while shopping which helps gain their loyalty over the long run. Having these chargers available also helps advance your business’ sustainability goals.

b)   Plug And Play

Level 1 chargers require no expertise and can be used by anyone to charge their EV’s battery by plugging into a standard 120-volt socket.

c)   Storage, Deployment & Portability Convenience

Level 1 EV chargers are easier to store, carry in one’s car and deploy at any charging point. As an employer or business offering level 1 charging to employees and customers, you won’t need to worry about level 1 chargers taking up too much room.

d)   Protects EV Battery

While level 3 (DC fast chargers) can fill up an EV battery in record time, they are not an ideal option for prolonging its longevity. With a level 1 charger available at your business premises, you allow customers the option to charge their cars conveniently while maintaining the health of their batteries.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Level 1 Charger?

In this section, we look at some of the pros and cons of a level 1 charger you should know.


  • Require no professional setup
  • Perfect for overnight charging
  • Ideal for PHEVs and short commute drivers in urban centers
  • Easily portable and can be stored hassle-free
  • Cheaper option than other charging methods


  • Slower and take up to a full day to charge to an optimum level (80%)
  • Give a smaller range per charge (about 3 miles for every hour)

Other Top Level 1 EV Chargers To Go For?

Aside from the Electrly Portable Box, these are other top picks we recommend buying if you are in the market for a level 1 EV charger for home and business use.

i) ZENCAR Level 1 EV Charger – Adjustable Level 1 EV Charger

The ZENCAR Level 1 EV Charger is an excellent option with a fixed-time charging feature, which starts the charging session at a specific time every day. This invaluable feature ensures one never misses a charging session and always has reliable range in their EV.

ZENCAR Level 1 EV Charger’s most prominent feature is a display screen that allows monitoring of the battery during charging. The charger and all its components are IP66 water resistant, meaning it can withstand variable weather conditions and deliver excellent performance. It has an adjustable charging current of 6/8/10/12/16A, and one can easily switch to the level one needs.

This charger is compatible with J-type connectors and measures 25 feet long, making access to sockets at a distance easier.

ii) VACHAN Level 1 EV Charger – Budget Level 1 EV Charger

The VACHAN Level 1 EV Charger is a 16ft portable EV charger compatible with most electronic autos and available at an affordable entry price that makes it accessible to the masses.

This charger is ideal for the EV owner with home charging needs who also wants an easy-to-carry option. The VACHAN Level 1 EV Charger is also great for offices and motels. It features an input level of 110V AC and is CE-certified with an IP55 water-resistant enclosure for additional safety.

VACHAN Level 1 EV Chargers feature an LED indicator that guides you on the battery capacity of your EV while charging. You will also be alerted through this indicator tab if the charger detects any faults.


A level 1 EV charger is necessary for every EV owner to meet home charging needs and for easy portability while on the go. Businesses looking to offer their customers free and paid EV charging can also level Electrly’s level 1 EV charger, the Portable Box, for convenient charging at 3kW output that delivers up to 10 miles for every hour of charging. Before buying a level 1 EV charger, it is vital to consider your budget and what features you are looking for. Moreover, a charger that passes all necessary safety checks is ideal.


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