Is Jocial com a Legitimate Multi-Level Marketing Platform?

When you visit the Jocial website, you will notice a link that says that the company was founded by Jamie March. But this link does not contain an image of Jamie March. Instead, it has an illustration that was used in a guest post on a blog wapboss. The author of the post is Martin Brown. There is no online profile for Jamie March, and the article was published in July 2020.

jocial is a multi-level marketing company

If you have just joined a multi-level marketing company, it is important that you make sure that it is legitimate and has a solid business model. Jocial’s website claims that it was founded in 2008, but this may not be the case. A quick look at the company’s registration shows that it was incorporated in the UK on 28th February 2020. The owner of the company is Jamie March, a 28-year-old businessman. The company’s registration details indicate that it is a UK-based company, but it does not list its office number or address. In addition, its business activity is listed as fund management activities filmdaily. While UK registrations are easy to obtain, they can be used to conceal fraudulent activities and money laundering.

jocial is a pyramid scheme

Despite its name, Jocial is not a legitimate marketing platform. It claims to have been established in 2008 but does not have a physical product. Rather, it uses a multi-level marketing model, wherein users must pay a fee before they can participate and make money. This is illegal and should be avoided.

jocial charges high fees

The website of Jocial claims to be a legitimate platform, and its office addresses are all over the world. However, it is difficult to verify these claims, as the company is not listed on TrueCaller. In addition, the company does not provide a phone number. This is a red flag go90.

jocial has no real profile of the founder

The website of Jocial claims to be a legitimate company, but there is no real profile of the founder. It refers to Jamie March, a 28-year-old business person, as the founder, but does not provide a profile picture. Instead, the website uses an illustration instead, which is also used in a guest post published on a website facetimes. The author of the guest post is also identified as Martin Brown, but no online profile has been found for the business.

jocial offers no hidden fees

Jocial com claims to be a legitimate business that has offices worldwide, but it is not. Although it uses a catch-all email address, it does not provide a phone number. Further, the Jocial website does not disclose the pricing details wikitribune. Instead, interested parties can request for a quote via email.

jocial has offices all over the world

Jocial advertise LTD is a London-based company that helps businesses connect with influencers. The company offers structured incentives to influencers and is constantly expanding to help more businesses. The company has offices in many different countries and is accepting new companies.

jocial charges heavily

Jocial is a network marketing company that charges heavily for subscriptions. The company claims to have a low cost product, but their business model is based on a pyramid scheme and money circulation. The company pays existing members with the subscription costs of new members.

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