It can often be quite a nerve-racking experience when you find that an unknown number is calling you. After all, it could be someone you know who is using a different phone, but there is also a chance that it could be some kind of fraudster or scammer.

This is why many online users have now resorted to finding people online using reverse phone lookup sites, as it enables you to find out who is on the other end of a call. One of the best people searching sites is named FastPeopleFinder, which can help you identify the name and background information of any unknown caller within seconds, thereby giving you peace of mind.

However, conducting a reverse phone search can often seem to be a rather intrusive process, which often raises the question of whether it is actually legal or not. So, we decided to quickly give clarification on that and also explain how the whole phone lookup process works.

Why Is Conducting A Reverse Phone Lookup Legal?

It is completely legal to carry out a reverse phone lookup on someone. There is no law that strictly prohibits you from finding or accessing information using a reverse phone search site like  FastPeopleFinder.

This is because as a US citizen, under the Freedom of Information Act, you are entitled to access any publicly available information. And since reverse phone lookup services typically retrieve background information on people via public sources, this means that any information you get is fair game.

In other words, you will not break any laws just by gathering information on someone using a reverse phone lookup. However, it is important to remember that the information you receive from these platforms should only be utilized for verification purposes.

This means that you can’t conduct a reverse number search to stalk or harass someone, as this would be considered a criminal act that is punishable by the relevant authorities.

However, if you do end up as a victim of harassment calls, you can always feel free to use a reverse phone lookup service to uncover the identity of the caller and report them. You can also learn more info about reversing phone lookup on FastPeopleFinder.

When Is A Reverse Phone Search Useful?

It can often be extremely difficult to predict what type of call you will receive. It could be possible that a friend or relative is calling you from a new number. However, the harsh reality is that some calls may be from somebody that has malicious intent towards you.

After all, there are so many scammers and fraudsters out there. Many of them use a wide variety of tactics such as claiming to be from an official government agency or bank to trick people into revealing their personal information.

You also need to watch out for telemarketers, as many companies tend to use agents or robocalls to make thousands of calls to promote their products or services. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find yourself receiving the same call repeatedly.

In short, a phone number lookup can be extremely useful, as it helps you to determine if a call is actually important or not without having to engage with the person on the other end.

How To Carry Out A Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

There are effectively three main ways to conduct a reverse phone lookup, each of them with its own pros and cons.

#1. Use Search Engines

While it’s rare for Google to turn up conclusive or relevant results with a phone number search, it’s still possible. This is especially true if the person calling operates a business that they have advertised online.

However, it is more than likely that you will end up with a mishmash of results unless you are able to narrow down the search with additional information about the person. For instance, it could be a zip code or online username, which should help turn up better results.

You can also use other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Since every search engine is different, there is a chance that one of them will pull up something that Google may have missed.

#2. Check Social Media

While search engines like Google can sometimes scrape information from social networks, it is more effective to search within the social networking apps themselves.

For instance, you can head to Facebook or LinkedIn and search the individual’s number to see if any profiles pop up.

After all, most online users on such platforms use their real names, photos and emails to set up accounts, so it is likely that you may find some useful information.

At this point, if you still fail to come up with any useful information, then don’t fret, as there is still one more method that you can use to look.

#3. Utilize a People Search Tool

People search tools are effective search engines that are designed to extract information about people and compile them into detailed background reports. This makes them a great resource to turn to when you can’t find out anything through conventional means.

In most cases, you will be able to find out details such as their contact information, past addresses, employment history, criminal background, and more. This is because most of these platforms are linked to numerous public and federal databases, as well as phone registries and online directories.

And while there are several different reverse lookup services to choose from online, most of them tend to work in the same way. So, the whole process is often fairly simple and straightforward.

A good example would be FastPeopleFinder. The service is completely free to use and to conduct a reverse phone search you only need to head to the site, select the ‘Phone Lookup’ option and input the number. Hit “Start Search” and the site will generate a detailed background report within minutes.

Some lookup sites even have mobile apps, so you can carry out a reverse phone search anywhere at any time. Plus, they are usually private and confidential, so you don’t have to worry about the individual being notified that you carried out a search on them online.

However, do keep in mind that not all reverse search platforms are 100% accurate. Sometimes, there may not be enough public data on the subject to generate a comprehensive report on the number’s registered owner.


In summary, the best way to quickly determine the true identity of an unknown caller or even trace an unknown number is to conduct a reverse phone lookup.

With the help of the right reverse search tool, any information that you need on an individual is completely at your fingertips. And while using Google can provide you with a few insights, using a lookup site like FastPeopleFinder is the more reliable choice.

They are typically easy to use and will provide you with in-depth reports on your caller almost instantly. Plus, some of them will not even charge you anything to access this information.

However, it is important to remember that while it is legal to conduct background searches online, what you do with that information can potentially land you in hot water.

A good rule of thumb is to only ever use the information for verification purposes. It also helps to brush up on any laws that apply to your industry before you decide to use this information for business.


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