A folding electric wheelchair functions exactly the same as a standard electric wheelchair, with the same ability and motor function, except for the fact that it can fold up! Having a folding electric wheelchair makes travel easier, with the wheelchair user being able to travel with the device in cars, on buses and even when getting on a plane! The folding electric wheelchairs from Ephesus are also light in weight ensuring that they are easy to maneuver and fold up when they need to be stored! 

What Are The Features Of Folding Electric Wheelchairs?

One of the main features of folding electric wheelchairs is that they are able to fold down to be easier to handle when it is not being used. This unique feature makes traveling with a wheelchair possible and offers the user a chance to get on planes, trains and buses with their chair! Part of gaining more freedom by using an electric wheelchair is being able to do the things you were not able to before. Travelling is one of the things that can often be hard for wheelchair users, specifically for those who use electric wheelchairs. A folding chair offers a unique opportunity for those electric wheelchair users to travel with their devices! The sky truly is the limit with one of these folding electric wheelchairs! 

Why Should You Choose A Folding Electric Wheelchair?

There are many reasons why a fold-up electric wheelchair could be incredibly beneficial! These devices being lightweight ensures that they are easy to store or maneuver when needed and they are also equipped with removable batteries to make this process easier. The removable batteries help to make the device easier to handle when being folded but this feature is also beneficial when it comes to the distance that the wheelchair is able to travel. The Ephesus electric wheelchair models are able to travel for an astounding 15.5 miles on a single battery! For those days when you know that you are going to be traveling further than this, pop another battery in your bag so that you can change it out when the other one dies! 

Discover The Folding Electric Wheelchair Models Available At Ephesus!

For a lightweight folding electric wheelchair that you can trust has been designed with the user in mind, we would highly recommend going with the models produced by Ephesus! This brand is a leading producer when it comes to folding electric wheelchairs, designing models that can truly change the lives of those who use them! With the best materials and overall design in the business, Ephesus has taken the time to painstakingly create a wheelchair model that is going to be the most beneficial for the user! If you are after the best folding electric wheelchair, we would highly recommend looking into the devices that are produced by Ephesus! 


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