How to Improve Your College Essay Writing

If you’re worried that your essay isn’t good enough, it’s okay to be worried – but that doesn’t mean you should give up writing. There are some simple things you can do to improve your essay and make it stand out from the competition. Those tips include: avoiding trite or boring topics, avoiding run-on sentences, and proofreading your essay.

Using your passions and interests to create an interesting essay is one of the most important aspects of college essay writing. You should use your interest in a subject to write about how it has helped you grow as an individual. For instance, if you love writing about science, write about your love of learning about it. The best college essay topics are the ones that will show how much you value a certain subject. There are some service that will write my college essay for me.

Choosing a topic that’s meaningful to you

When choosing a topic for your college essay, choose something that has meaning to you. This topic doesn’t have to be controversial or zany. Rather, it should show that you can contribute to a conversation and show the admissions office that you’re a unique person. For example, you can write about a memorable experience you’ve had that you think others should know about. This can give you an edge over other applicants who choose boring topics.

In choosing a topic, you should think deeply and consider what is meaningful to you. Your parents may have some great insight into your personal growth, and you can use their advice to help you narrow down the options. You may find that you have a number of ideas, but focusing on something that is meaningful to you will result in more powerful writing. Try brainstorming to generate more ideas and narrow down the list.

If your topic is interesting to you, it will make the admissions officers want to read it. You may have been on a service trip, or you have a close relationship with a family member. However, writing about these non-specific topics won’t make you stand out, so pick something that’s meaningful to you. Also, write about someone who has made an impact on your life.

Proofreading your essay

Proofreading your college essay is crucial to ensure that it’s error-free. Even the slightest typo will bring a blight to your application and make it less likely that you’ll be accepted. In addition, grammar and punctuation mistakes can make you look unprepared for college, and the admissions committee will start to question whether you’re truly ready for college. To avoid this situation, it’s best to hire a proofreader who is knowledgeable about the topic and can be objective.

Having a friend or high school English teacher proofread your essay can also help, but make sure they’re not overloaded with work. This person can make useful suggestions, which you should incorporate into your essay. Make sure they have good knowledge of grammar and writing conventions, too, so that they’ll be able to spot any errors.


When you proofread your college essay to avoid any mistakes, you’ll want to look for any spelling errors. Sometimes, students will make mistakes without realizing it. For example, one of the most common mistakes is spelling the college’s name incorrectly. To avoid making these mistakes, don’t stare at your writing for too long. Wait a few days before returning to it and re-read it to check for any errors.

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