How to Improve the Bounce Rate in the Online Store: The Main Tools

Improving the bounce rate is an important task when promoting your company, which is essential for both marketplaces and a legit online casino in South Africa. Tracking the metrics will help you to remove bounce content from your site and increase the number of sales. So how to work with the bounce rate?

How to Know the Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the ratio of the number of users who viewed only one page of the site to the total number of visitors. The value is expressed as a percentage.

For example, 150 people visited the site during the day. 75 users were limited to the study of one page. Let’s calculate the bounce rate: 75/ 150 * 100% = 50%.

This is the definition used by Google Analytics. It doesn’t take into account how much time a person looked at the only page. The value of the metric in Google Analytics can be seen in the “Audience” section.

The bounce rate affects the site’s ranking in the search engine. It affects conversion, and therefore the number of sales.

Normal and Abnormal Values of the Metric

The bounce rate depends on the characteristics of the site and its theme. The norms for each niche are individual. On average the optimal value is up to 60% for Google Analytics. In general, the smaller the figure, the better. Even 90% may be the norm for web pages.

Metrics shows how satisfied the user is with the content and technical parameters of the Internet site. Therefore, if its value exceeds the average, it’s worth analyzing and optimizing the resource.

The high value of metrics doesn’t mean that the site is bad. The customer can get the necessary information on the first page of the resource. For example, to find out the right phone number. If the conversion remains at a good level, a high bounce rate should not worry.

Compliance with the metric isn’t always an indication that the site is okay. It may have a confusing structure. In an attempt to find the information, the user visits several pages and then leaves without buying anything. So examine the metrics in conjunction with others. For example, with conversion.

The Main Reasons Why Visitors Leave

Users quickly leave the site for a variety of reasons. Research has highlighted the most common of them:

  • The page doesn’t respond to the request. This is due to poor choice of keywords, improper filling of ads and other errors.
  • The resource is loaded for a long time. The modern man is used to this and will not wait.
  • The necessary information is obtained on the first page. For example, a person is looking for a list of ingredients for a dish. He goes to the site and immediately sees the list. He doesn’t need to click on a link somewhere else.
  • The resource is displayed incorrectly on the user’s device. For example, the site has no mobile version, but the person went there from a smartphone.
  • The online store has a complicated structure. If the user doesn’t find the necessary information quickly, he goes to a competitor.
  • The quality of the content is at a low level. Distortion of facts, boring presentation, mistakes in the text, poor quality of photos discourage visitors.
  • To determine the possible causes, compare the data on different pages and the site as a whole. Analyze how the situation relates to the sources of traffic. Study user behavior. Modern services allow you to get information about the actions of visitors in video format.

Ways to Reduce Failure Rates

Pay Attention to Technical Optimization

Check the page load time. Special services are used to determine this (e.g. Google PageSpeed Insights, WebPageTest). If the time exceeds 3 seconds, the user may not wait and leave. Loading speed also affects the ranking. The situation is worsened by the large number of broken links. They slow down the site and have a negative impact on the user experience.

Use internal links to make it easier for the visitor to navigate to the section they are looking for. Make sure they can open in a new tab. When a user has multiple pages open, it increases the time he spends on the site.

Make Navigation Simple

Navigation should be simple and straightforward. When the visitor can not find for a long time that he needs, it causes him irritation. The site should be a search line. 

Sites with poor navigation are left in the first minutes. Even if you have good content and unique products, some potential customers will still be lost.

Work on Your Design

The design of your website is a reflection of your company. If a potential customer sees a bad design, they will rightly think so will everything else. It’s best to stick to one style and not use more than three colors at a time. Exclude annoying elements: too bright background, small print, too much detail.

Avoid Distractions

Pop-ups are better to eliminate. If they appear too often, the visitor will simply leave the resource. Pages with a lot of pop-ups hang when browsing. You should also avoid distracting ads. It’s annoying and interferes with viewing the main content.

Make Sure You Have a Mobile Version

Many people shop from their smartphone. Statistically, that’s more than 50% of customers. Mobile is more convenient to browse on the bus, cafes, and other places. That’s why the site should have an adaptive design.

Elements of the mobile version are adapted to the size of the screen. Thus, the structure of the web page is preserved and its perception is improved.

Highlight the Call to Action

The call to action should be prominent. If a new user doesn’t find it within the first few seconds, you need to change something. Calls to action can be different:

  • Buy.
  • Register.
  • Call.
  • Add to cart.
  • Subscribe.

Buttons should be in a prominent place, to draw attention. Colors, fonts, words have a major influence on clickability. The button should be such that the user wants to click on it.

Pay Attention to Content

Optimizing content is a good way to reduce failures in the online store. Regular blogging with interesting articles is useful for promotion. By reading them, potential customers become convinced that the seller can be trusted. Accordingly, the likelihood of making a purchase increases.

Content must meet several requirements:

  • The presence of structure. The text should be divided into meaningful blocks with subheadings and paragraphs. To simplify the perception of information, lists, highlighting with color and other methods are used.
  • The presence of different types of content: texts, videos, photos, etc. This will help to convey the necessary information, attract more visitors.
  • Conformity to the user’s needs. The better disclosed the topic, the more likely it is that a person will come to the site again. Study the characteristics of the target audience. Determine what they care about. Only after that create content.
  • Regularity. Publish new content with a certain frequency. Don’t take too many breaks. This will encourage users to come back to the site more often.

Work on Your Semantic Core

If you choose the right keywords, search engines will offer your page to those who are really interested in it. To promote the use of high and medium-frequency queries. But don’t abuse SEO. A user needs useful content, not just a set of keywords.

Pay Attention to Filling out Product Cards

Before buying something, the user studies the information about the product. The card should meet the following requirements:

  • Credibility. When the purchased product doesn’t meet the description, you risk getting negative feedback.
  • Attractiveness. The description should be such that the user wants to make a purchase.
  • Availability of reviews. This attracts potential buyers. Products without reviews are less likely to be chosen. For consumers to share their experiences, offer them discounts and other bonuses in return.
  • Informative. You can supplement the text with a short video. Show at least 3 pictures from different angles.

Beneath the card place a block “With this item, you can buy…”. Studying related products will increase the time the user spends on the site, and the average check.

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