How To Download Phone Clone Huawei

If you’re trying to transfer data from one Huawei device to another, there’s no need to worry. The Phone Clone application is a quick and easy way to do this. It works on Android and iOS devices. And through the appgallery you can download it. Keep reading this post to know how to download phone clone huawei.

What is a phone clone?

You can transfer data from one device to another or restore your old phone. This is useful when you want to keep your important data. For example, you can access your 25 years of previous data. However, suppose you are a businessman and cannot afford to lose your data. You will need a phone clone to transfer the data from your previous mobile phone.

How to download a phone clone from Huawei?

The first step in downloading the app is to find it on the Huawei app gallery. Then install it. You can download the application directly to your device, or you can download it and then transfer it to your device.

How to use a phone clone?

Once installed, you will have access to a single-screen interface that shows all of your accounts associated with any other devices connected via a WLAN hotspot. You will not need any data cable or network connection.

Choose the devices you want to clone.

Select the device you want to clone from. This step is only necessary if this is your first time cloning a phone. You can select “Huawei” as your manufacturer, and they will do all the rest for you.

  • Go to Settings > Backup and Restore > Phone Clone > Start and connect to the same WiFi network.
  • If you are not on that network, use a cable to connect your old phone to your new one.

Backup data on your old phone.

The first thing you need to do when using Phone Clone is back up your data from the old phone to a computer or cloud service. This will ensure that your personal information remains safe and secure if something happens with your new device.

Restore data to your new phone.

To restore your data from the old phone, you’ll first need to ensure that both phones have a connection to the same WiFi network. If they aren’t, then there’s no way for you to transfer files between them. To do this:

  • Put both phones in Airplane Mode and turn off WiFi on both devices. This ensures that neither device can access networks other than those already set up before switching between them.
  • Connect one of these two devices to your new phone directly into your computer’s USB ports while keeping its battery fully charged until installation is complete. This ensures that when it is time to get some work done later on down the line, later today after lunchtime, tomorrow morning. Then all day long tomorrow afternoon, yesterday evening, last night. But not vice versa because things sometimes seem like they should be!


You can clone a phone and transfer all its data to another Huawei device with Phone Clone. This straightforward process takes only a few minutes. Moreover, you can do it without needing technical expertise or any special equipment. We also told you how you could download a phone clone from Huawei.

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