The user of a ShockWatch impact indicator will be alerted to approaching danger, concealed damage, and accident liability. That’s why it might be useful for moving delicate or perishable commodities in industries like manufacturing, distribution, and ecommerce shipping.

34% of returns are related to packaging, and this might seriously harm your company’s reputation if products are damaged during shipping. These figures highlight the need of using reliable packaging.

So, what can you do to make sure your packages get safely at their destination? At this point, indicators of impact become useful. This article was written to assist you in making the decision of which impact indicator is most appropriate for your business.

An Indicator of Impact using ShockWatch 2

Each supply chain will have a transition phase that requires physical movement of products. Each cargo may go through more than one checkpoint if the supply chain is very complex. When a box is handled by several persons before it reaches its destination, the risk that it may suffer damage grows significantly.

The Shock impact indicator glows a bright red whenever it detects rough handling. Use this instrument to quickly identify resources that need more scrutiny. Further reducing the likelihood of interference from supply chain parties, the device is tamper-proof. The ShockWatch 2 also includes a serial number that can be used to confirm that the indicator has not been tampered with after it has been activated. To make the external indicator unmistakable, it is recommended to either include an additional indication on the inside of the box or to add a logo or other distinguishing feature to the outside of the package.

When distribution centre workers see the ShockWatch 2 indicator, they know to be extra cautious with the shipment. This is because they realise that the ShockWatch can be used to attribute blame in the event of bad treatment to specific people. This device goes above and beyond traditional package tracking by recording impact data, which gives shippers and carriers a clear picture of where any damage occurred so they can fix it in the future by adjusting things like packaging, delivery routes, or even supply chain partners.

Purchasing a ShockWatch 2 Impact Indicator can be extremely helpful if your company is currently experiencing damage-related costs.

Is there a way to determine which ShockWatch 2 Impact Indicator is best for your requirements?

When choosing an impact indicator, it is essential to take into account the size and weight of the shipment. We hope the following serves as a helpful guideline when deciding on sensitivity. A more sensitive (lower G) indication may be useful for fragile products, while a less sensitive (higher G) indication may be useful for those that are well-protected by sturdy packaging.


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