Without GPS in the modern world, it is difficult to imagine movement. And if you can learn all the streets and turns within one city, then it is impossible to thoroughly know the entire map of the USA. Therefore, navigation systems have radically changed the lives of motorists for the better. 

It is simply only possible to imagine modern cargo transportation with a good GPS. These applications and devices should have unique features that will make life easier for truckers, dispatchers, and operator owners, according to the Logity Dispatch. Thus, when choosing a GPS navigator for commercial trucks, we must look for a sophisticated platform that meets the industry’s requirements. And such applications exist!

GPS for truck drivers that will make life easier

Cargo transportation is much more complicated than ordinary driving for personal purposes. For example, there are special traffic rules for trucks that do not allow these heavy vehicles to move on some roads due to weight, height, and width. Also, maps for truckers should contain information about fleets, truck parking spots, points for weighing cars, and dead spots from which the truck will not leave. Therefore, special GPS applications for cargo transportation every year consider and solve these problems. They contain data on road restrictions, laws for truck drivers, places for recreation and parking, etc.  

Creating routes for trucks is also a challenging task, especially for dispatchers. Therefore, advanced GPS systems help simplify the work of these specialists, helping to concentrate on the main thing. So, what’s unique about truck navigation apps and gadgets:

  • routes take into account the technical characteristics of trucks;
  • exclusion roads where it is forbidden to drive trucks;
  • a warning about control;
  • assistance with the route and communication 24/7;
  • the location of gas stations and parking lots;
  • information about traffic jams and road works;
  • weather forecast.

We found helpful information about the best truckers’ GPS app in this blog and decided to take the essential information so that you can already make a choice.

The best GPS applications for cargo transportation

Remember that the needs for functionality and accessibility are different for everyone. In this list, we tried to put only applications that have been tested for years, which are really used by truckers and transport companies. But still, in the end, everyone finds their ideal application and uses it only. We wish you to find a navigator that will significantly improve your productivity at work and make life easier.

1. PTV Navigator Truck

With this app, you will be able to plan a route based on the traffic situation in real-time and based on the technical data of your truck. Thanks to this application, you will be able to provide toll roads, parking, and a place to relax and have a snack in advance. The app is available in 20 languages.

2. Sygic Truck Navigation 

This is one of the truckers’ most popular GPS navigation apps. One is convenient and intuitive to use, has voice control (so as not to be distracted while driving), and offers alternative routes and 3D maps. With this app in the truck, you will definitely not get on low bridges, toll roads, or fines due to road restrictions. Also, Sygic Navigation can work without the Internet, which makes it easier to use.

3. SmartTruckRoute

In this application, you only need to enter the technical data of your truck once, and the system will calculate the route that is most suitable for the dimensions. You also don’t have to worry about safety — the application notifies the driver about turns with lane indication.

4. Trucker Path 

Another popular app for truckers is that it helps you quickly find parking lots, weighing stations, and gas stations. If you are the owner-operator or dispatcher, then you will definitely like this application. It has a particular corporate version for fleet management.

5. Waze

This is an ideal choice for those truckers who work in the city or for short distances. The application notifies about the situation on the road, weather, checks, and speed limits.

6. CoPilot GPS

Step-by-step head navigation, automatic map updates, work without an Internet connection, real-time traffic information — all this you will find in CoPilot GPS.

7. Inroute Planner 

This navigation app is designed for truckers’ trips with breaks for rest, sleep, and refueling. A trucker can create a route and mark the points where he wants to stop right on it. The application also takes into account road features, speed, weather, accidents, and altitude above sea level.

8. Truck Map

For truckers, there is a separate map here on which gas stations, round-the-clock parking, recreation areas, and weighing stations are marked. The application also considers the truck’s dimensions, road conditions, and safety restrictions when building a route.

9. Hammer

The main advantage of the application is the absence of advertising, which can be very annoying and interfere with driving. Another nice bonus is that the application is entirely free; you do not need to pay separately for the functions. Offline maps are waiting for you, there is no need to connect to the Internet, routing based on truck data, real-time road condition information, parking, and recreation areas. Also, an excellent addition that will appeal to truckers will be voice control and dark mode, which do not distract from the road at night.


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