The name is the most important component of the image of any business. The success of the whole company depends on how successful it will be. Therefore, it is important not to make a mistake when choosing a name for your brand. In this article, we’ll show you how to come up with the perfect business name.

What to look for when choosing a company name

The name is concise and capacious

Short capacious names are remembered better than long ones, and it is even easier to show them in graphic form. A 2-3 word name can capture the essence of the brand well, but it will be difficult for designers to fit a long phrase into the design of the logo and packaging.

Sounds good in different languages

If you are planning to take your business to the international market, check if there are any unwanted associations with your name in the countries you are targeting.

This happened, for example, with the French brand of men’s cosmetics Axе.

Translated from English, the name sounds like “ax”. The proposal to take care of the body with an ax would sound doubtful, so in English-speaking countries, Axе perfumes are sold under the consonant name Lynx.

Can be patented

To create the right image around the brand and protect your products from fakes, it is important to register the brand as a trademark. At the same time, it is important to choose a name that will be unique in its class of goods and services. Names in different classes may be the same.

No mixing with competitors

Research your competitors and make sure the name you choose doesn‘t sound like other brand names. This can interfere with positioning and image formation in the market: potential customers will confuse you and competitors. And if the names are very similar, there is a risk that the owner of a trademark with a similar name will sue.

Some easy ways to come up with a brand name There are several basic naming techniques:

  1. Name in honor of himself. Everyone knows the brands Gucci or Swarovski. Therefore, if you have an original name or an interesting surname, then you can use them as a company name. But, if your name is John Jones, then this option will definitely not suit you.
  2. Borrowing fictitious or historically significant names. In literature, history or mythology, there are plenty of attractive options for a company name: “Captain Nemo” for a marine business, or “Hemingway” for a bar, or Tesla for electric vehicles. But in such cases, it is important that the name relates to the activities of your company, and also that there are no legal barriers to use.
  3. Associative naming. Names can be made up by association with what you do. For example, the bookstore “On the shelves”, a cafe with cats “Fluffy paws”. Sometimes the association is reinforced with a metaphor (“The World of Doors”) or a superlative degree (“Maxihouse“).

How to create a company name using the Turbologo generator?

The online Turbologo generator will provide you with several options for great names for your business in just a few minutes. To do this, you just need to go to the service website and enter all the necessary data.

That’s all! Good luck!


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