Taking security measures to feel more comfortable at home is something that everyone should do after it was proven that more and more every day we are exposed to being robbed by a person if we are new to a location. And for those who are doing it, let us tell you that you are on the right track! But maybe you are forgetting something as basic as changing our habits or being smart about moving. 

You’re probably not fully sleeping in your new home and you’re still moving little by little to different things in order to get fully settled, and that’s totally fine. It’s up to you to take it one step at a time, but you should still be thinking about how to assess the risk level of your new home and what tips to implement to avoid becoming a victim of a burglary. Read on!  

Change all locks 

Whether it’s the window locks or the door locks, all of these should be changed and refurbished for very current ones. There are several reasons for this, the first is the fact that they are probably very old and their function of preventing outsiders from entering the house is already very obsolete. Secondly, you never know who was engaged in taking a copy of the lock to make a key and enter when people moved in. So whether or not, it’s always best to change your locks entirely and make new copies of keys. 

Beware of social media

We know you are extremely excited to have moved in and want to show off to your friends and acquaintances by posting it on social media, but you should wait until you are fully settled in and not say exactly where you are as you may encourage burglars to try to break into your home because of the poor security you probably have. 

Appear that the house is not empty

This is not only valid when you are in the process of moving, it is also good to implement when you are on vacation and even in your day to day work if you are a person who is not usually at home. 

To do this you just have to leave some blinds half open, maybe put a radio playing inside the house, and leave the lights on especially if you go out at night. 

Access control to enter

Are you familiar with access controls? If not, probably by the time you finish reading this article you’re going to be looking for a smart lock installer. A smart lock often doesn’t need keys, but rather keys or sensors to gain entry to the house, and the best advantage of this is that they are adaptable to other security methods.

For example, if you are away from home and you install a camera together with a smart lock, you will be able to check from a distance who is the person trying to enter your home. Despite being fully electronic, these locks are quite resistant, so you won’t have to worry about them being damaged.


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