Do you consider yourself a High Roller? If so, Microgaming has the perfect experience for you. As one of the premier providers of online games for trusted sites like JustCasino, Microgaming is sure to offer an unforgettable high-roller experience with its table games. So why wait? Play now and test your skills against other high rollers!

Why Table Games Are Perfect for High Rollers

Table games are the perfect choice for high rollers looking for a thrilling gaming experience. They offer greater stakes than slots or video poker and can provide better returns in certain situations. 

Plus, games like blackjack and roulette require skill and strategy, making them more challenging compared to other casino games. This means that high rollers have a greater chance of winning more money with table games compared to any other game.

6 Table Games by Microgaming

Microgaming has exclusive table games, perfect for high rollers looking for an intense casino experience.

1. Baccarat Gold

Baccarat Gold is a high-roller variation of the classic baccarat game. Its main feature is its “GOLD Series” which adds extra features, including more convenient bet sizes and betting options. This fast-paced game of skill is perfect for high rollers looking for an adrenaline rush.

2. Multi-Hand Blackjack

Multi-Hand Blackjack is a variant of the classic card game that allows players to place bets on up to five hands at once. The more hands you play, the greater your chances of winning money. This title also includes an insurance bet feature, perfect for when luck isn’t in your favor.

3. Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip Blackjack is a classic variant of the card game where players can place bets on up to four hands at once. The title includes an additional “double exposure” feature, which allows players to double their bet to increase their chances of winning big. This version is perfect for high rollers as it has higher limits and more side bets than the standard blackjack games. It also has great visuals and dealer-assisted gameplay which makes the game more realistic.

4. European Roulette Gold

European Roulette is a classic game and the Gold Series version is perfect for high rollers. The main feature of this version is its enhanced visuals, which make the game look even more realistic and enjoyable.

5. Cyberstud Poker

Cyberstud Poker is an exciting poker variant in which you battle against the dealer. It features enhanced graphics and sound effects, making it a great choice for high rollers looking for an intense gaming experience. The title is available on practically any crypto poker site in Aussie and the USA.

6. Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is another variation of blackjack with higher stakes and more side bets than the standard game. This version also has superb visuals, making it an even more enjoyable experience for high rollers.

Tips on How to Maximize Your Chances of Winning Big While Playing These Table Games

  • Take advantage of bonuses – High rollers should also take advantage of bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos. They should read trusted Online casino reviews and stay up-to-date on the industry news. This will give them an extra edge when it comes to winning big at the tables.
  • Learn the basics of the game – Knowing the rules and basic strategy is essential for maximizing your chances of winning big while playing these table games.
  • Set a budget – High rollers should set a budget before they start playing so that they know how much money they are willing to risk. This will help them stay in control of their spending.
  • Practice free games – High rollers should also practice free versions of the game before they start betting real money. This will help them get familiar with the rules and strategies so that they can maximize their chances of winning big when playing for real money.

Final Takeaways

Table games are perfect for high rollers looking for a thrilling gaming experience. With its six exclusive titles, Microgaming is sure to provide an unforgettable high-roller experience. By learning the basics of each game, setting a budget, practicing through the free mode, and taking advantage of bonuses and promotions, you have the chance to maximize your chances of winning big while playing baccarat, poker, and the like.


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