Many restaurants have come up with the idea of adding halal food in their restaurant because halal food optimizes more customers, and the business gets more revenue. The reason is that not only do Muslims demand halal food, but also it’s so delicious and healthy that it has become popular in non-muslim countries. 

Most people ask for a Halal Food Restaurant when searching for good food. Finding the best halal food restaurants near me is difficult because there are many restaurants with halal logos on their door, but it has yet to be confirmed that they are certified halal.

Halal certified food restaurant near me

Who are the best near me halal food certified restaurants? Let’s have a look at these restaurants.

Crimson Coward

Do you have a hot chicken experience in life? If not, then it is time to try Nashville hot chicken in Crimson Coward. It is a type of Fried Chicken with lots of spices specially created for spice lovers. 

Crimson Coward is one of the best halal-certified food providers that are determined to provide the best halal, fresh, and high-quality food. Nashville Hot Chicken is their specialty, but you can also opt to eat and drink a Crimson sandwich; Joey eats fries, grilled cheese, garlic twisters, and beverages. 

If you are searching for the best halal food near me in California, Crimson Coward must be your first choice to order something, especially for those who love spices. Get your order at your doorstep, or you can visit their restaurant to enjoy the meal. 

They have a very cooperative and hard-working staff that serves you the most delicious and delectable food at your table, like Nashville Hot Chicken

Big Al’s Pizzeria

Big Al’s Pizzeria is the second topmost choice to consider if you want halal food certified near your location in California. As per the name, Big AL’s pizzeria is the largest food hub that serves a wide variety of pizza, wings, beef brisket, and desserts to their guests. 

Pizza is their specialty, and you cannot find better pizza than Big Al’s pizzeria. Chicken and ingredients used in their recipes are certified halal, fresh, and high-quality. They never used frozen products and spices or sauces used in their food, giving an original homemade taste that is entirely unique and special. 

Big Al’s Pizzeria has the best pizza in Los Angles and California, with many positive reviews and a huge fanbase. There is no need to research the restaurants because these reviews will tell you how much people love their food. 

They have exclusive offers and birthday rewards for surprising their guest, and you have the option to order at home, dine and take out the food as well.


With the increasing demand for halal food, there are many restaurants open in the town, but finding the best one is a tough job. 

So, I decided to give you two of the top halal restaurant options with delicious, delectable, and halal food to serve you that satisfy your hunger and provide the most flavorful taste to your taste buds. 

I suggest them because they deal with your everchanging demands for food with full determination.


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