Fernandinho’s SBC is an excellent purchase for FUT fans as he is a center-back and defensive midfielder with great stats. He also has 4* skill moves and a weak foot, making him a great addition to your team. This player is also an upgrade over his FUT Captains card and is sure to improve your Brazilian squad. Just remember that Fernandinho’s SBC is limited and will expire on July 25.

Fernandinho has some great stats, including a high shooting ability. He is also a good passer and possesses great dribbling skills. As a center midfielder, he is one of the best in the world. Fernandinho has good defending skills and high intelligence.

Fernandinho’s SBC is available in FIFA 22: End of an Era. This card offers 13 points more than the regular gold card. It also offers a 96 OVR rating, which is a great boost to your overall ranking. You can also find solutions for your problems in the End of an Era SBC guide.


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