Evermerge game walkthrough

evermerge is a very interesting match -3 puzzle game. Players need to complete the task of rebuilding and decorating the kingdom. By merging fairy tale characters to upgrade, you can create your own fairy tale kingdom. You only need to drag and drop the combination of at least three items. If you want to know more about evermerge game, you can visit gametopn.com .

type of item

In the game several types of objects can be merged into a higher form, all items that appear will be displayed in the find menu, there are two types of items in the evermerge game:

1. Special items

combining special items , you can finally unlock fairy tale characters, such as merging pearls to unlock the Little Mermaid, and merging crowns to unlock Sleeping Beauty.

2. Resource items

combining resource items, players can produce other items and use them to build buildings, such as merging logs into cabins, and merging cabins into mansions, you can also create coral castles and moonstone palaces.

As players merge more and more items , you will find that the number of new lands and characters will increase . After unlocking the characters, these characters will need a residence, so you have to build castles for them. As the number of characters increases, You keep building more dwellings for your new friends to live in.

of moving objects

evermerge is a very simple game, it will contain many different tasks and several main objectives, if the player does not have enough resources at some point, then after a period of time re-entering the game resources will be restored, you can continue customs clearance . Here’s how evermerge moves :

move items in evermerge , simply hold your finger on its screen for a short time, then move the item to the desired or merged position without releasing your finger .

of merging items in evermerge is different from other match-3 games, here in order to combine items , it is not enough to just bring the items to the same object, the player also needs to place the transferred items in one of a group of similar items , which means that one item needs to be dragged onto two other items. This makes it possible to place identical objects side by side without merging them.

3. Rewards

When players combine five identical items , they will get bonus items, and they will get 2 bonus items at once. Generally speaking, players can combine an unlimited number of items with each other, and the more items you combine, the more rewards you will get.

  1. Merge 5 items to get 2 bonus items.
  2. Combine 8 items to get 3 bonus items.
  3. Merge 10 items to get 4 bonus items.
  4. Combine 15 items to get 6 bonus items.
  5. Combine 20 items to get 8 bonus items.
  6. Combine 25 items to get 10 bonus items.
  7. Combine 30 items to get 12 bonus items.

4. How to get new items

The point of evermerge is to combine different items, if the player does n’t have items to merge then there is nothing to do, so the player needs to learn how to get various items in the game in order to start connecting, gaining experience and advanced elements . Here are a few ways to get new items :

  1. Collect items, some items in the game can be collected from other people, such as wood and stone , etc. , but it takes effort.
  2. Get items from another chain , some chains end, but other content can be obtained from the last element, such as a tree that provides logs needed to build Sleeping Beauty Castle, which in turn produces pet babies in the castle itself .
  3. Buy new items from the market .
  4. Open chests and bags to get various items from them.
  5. New items can also be obtained after discovering new continents .
  6. Collect aerial objects, after a while, a small sun will fly over your island, collect the sun to get new items , and may also contain very useful and rare items.

The above is the evermerge game walkthrough. If you want to know more about evermerge game guides and skills, you can continue to pay attention to Game TopN. They will continue to update more related content of evermerge, so come and have a look!

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