The kitchen is the core of every home, and the sink is an essential part of it. Kitchen sinks now go viral in all shapes and materials, depending on your needs and preferences. There are many reasons to upgrade your kitchen sink: you have a hobby for cooking or need a more capable workspace. No matter what the reason is, selecting the right kitchen sink can be a difficult decision. For help selecting just the right sink, this article breaks down everything you need to know about kitchen sinks.

Type of Kitchen Sinks Based on the Number of the Bowls

There are many different types of kitchen sinks in the market. Below is a brief introduction to some of the exciting styles found today. Let’s look at the various kitchen sinks based on bowl type.

DoubleBowl Kitchen Sink

A double bowl sink usually has two side-by-side bowls or basins. The bowls can be the same or different sizes, separated by a partition. It comes in many styles and configurations, such as two equally-sized bowls of the same depth, two equal bowls of different depths, unequal size bowls and more. In terms of functionality, an excellent double basin sink is hard to beat. They are highly flexible and multi-purpose. With two different basins, this type of sink allows you to perform two separate tasks. One bowl can be used as a sink for washing oily and slimy dishes, and the other can be used for rinsing utensils and vegetables. Typically, these sinks are made of stainless steel, but you can also get ceramic sinks in this style. A two-bowl kitchen sink is a perfect solution if you crave more practical space in your busy kitchen. You can incorporate it into your kitchen design by selecting various sizes, colors and materials. However, for small kitchens, double-bowl kitchen sinks are not suitable. So it would be best to consider a large area before opting for double bowl sinks.

SingleBowl Kitchen Sink

Single-bowl kitchen sinks are the most common type of sink, including farmhouse and in-counter sinks. As the name suggests, it features one large basin with no dividers. Single-bowl kitchen sinks are also known as inset or surface-mounted sinks and are compatible with all types of worktops. This type of sink is available in compact sizes, making them ideal for situations whereby space is at a premium, and the basin of a single bowl is able to accommodate large pots and pans to wash, so you don’t worry about debris splashing onto your counter. If your kitchen is small in length, breadth and height, a sink with a single bowl is the best option, and it will give your kitchen a sleek appearance. However, single-bowl sinks aren’t perfect for multitasking, like cleaning and cooking simultaneously. Moreover, a single-bowl sink can use more water and dish cleaner, and you cannot even sort different items into different bowls. To be frank, you can also say that the particular single black sink is a perfect choice for people who don’t have a family.

Kitchen Sink with Drainboard

As the name implies, a drainboard sink is a type of sink that comes with a drainboard. Typically found in stainless steel, drainboard sinks combine a small basin on one side with a counter-level drainboard on the other side. It gives you the space to drain vegetables as well as dry-washed utensils. The wet vegetables are kept on the drainboard, and the water drains from them and goes to the sink. This method leaves you with cleaner counters and saves energy. Unfortunately, since this sink has a drainboard in various shapes and sizes, it tends to occupy more space on the countertop.


Choosing the best kitchen sink isn’t tricky. Whether a single or a double bowl, make sure you focus on its primary function. We hope the above introduction has helped you choose the right sink for your kitchen. So keep going, and you’ll get what you want eventually.


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