In the aftermath of her husband’s fatal crash, Barbro Peterson committed suicide. She was buried at Almby cemetery. She was one of the top female racers of all time. Her death shocked the racing world. It prompted various rule changes in the sport. It’s unclear whether the circumstances surrounding her death have anything to do with her husband’s death.

Peterson’s career began in karting. He worked his way up to the pinnacle of European karting before moving to cars. He co-designed the Svebe Formula car with his father Bengt, along with Sven Andersson, and won the 1969 Formula Three Championship with Tecno.

Barbro was married to Ronnie venturebeat Peterson in 1975, and the couple had a daughter together in November 1975. The couple remained married until Barbro’s death. However, despite their closeness, the relationship suffered due to Ronnie’s frustrations with Team Lotus. This was a factor in Barbro’s death.

Barbro Peterson died at the age of 42 after committing suicide. She was buried with her husband in the family grave in Orebro, Sweden. Peterson won ten Grand Prix races and was the only Swedish driver to win the Formula One World Championship twice. He was buried next to his wife, Barbro, in 1987.

There is some controversy over Ronnie Peterson’s death. It’s unclear if he was responsible for the crash, but the jury determined that he was at fault for the accident. The verdict was controversial. Giovanni Restelli and 72m tiger 137m wiggersventurebeat Patrese were both racing outside the track markings, but neither was responsible for the crash. The pair were made for each other. Neither could have imagined that their life would turn out this way.


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