Medical malpractice is a key issue within the healthcare system and, in fact, one of the leading causes of deaths in a country. Every year, about 200,000 to 400,000 patients in American hospitals experience some form of negligence and malpractice, which hastens their demise.

The recent years saw nationwide medical malpractice verdicts break records. Juries have witnessed the anguish and suffering brought by careless healthcare providers and are compensating innocent victims for their maltreatment.

If you are wondering what the largest trial awards seem like, here are some of the nation’s big medical malpractice verdicts you need to know.

1. The $216.7 Million Jury Verdict in Florida

In 2006, Allan Navarro, a basketball pro, was awarded $216.7 million in punitive damages after he was left brain-damaged and paralyzed as a result of doctors misdiagnosing stroke symptoms.

Even after disclosing to the nurses about his family’s history of strokes, the doctors misdiagnosed him with a sinus infection and sent him home with a prescription for painkillers. The following day, Navarro had to undergo emergency surgery for brain swelling and went into a coma for three months. As a result, his cognitive abilities are impaired, putting him at risk of suffocating every time he swallows food.

2. The $190 Million Apology

John Hopkins Hospital was ordered to pay over 7,000 women $190 million in compensation following Dr. Nikita Levy’s despicable behavior.

Nikita, an obstetrician and gynecologist with 25 years of experience, used to record ladies during pelvic exams using a hidden pen camera. Upon confirming a coworker’s reported suspicions, he was fired but unfortunately killed himself ten days later.

According to the FBI, Nikita didn’t share the over 1,000 videos and pictures on his computer. Regardless, this ongoing injustice led to many women losing trust in the medical community and had an impact on their daily lives.

3. The $172 Million Jury Verdict in New York

In 1998, another big medical malpractice verdicts was handed down in New York to Tiffany Applewhite, a 12-year-old who suffered severe brain damage after paramedics offered bad advice to her mother.

A home nurse injected her with steroids to treat an eye infection, after which she went into anaphylactic shock, and her heart stopped. Immediately, her mom dialed 911, and the Fire Department EMTs arrived at her house without the necessary tools required to treat her daughter’s condition.

Although she was willing to take Applewhite to the hospital, the paramedics advised her to wait for another life support ambulance, which arrived another twenty minutes later. The daughter later received the necessary care, but she suffered paralysis and severe brain damage as a result of waiting.

Today, she’s unable to speak, walk, or take care of herself normally.

Big Medical Malpractice Verdicts You Need To Know – In Summary

Now that you know the big medical malpractice verdicts of all time and the importance of a jury in navigating these cases, it’s advised to always contact a medical malpractice lawyer if your matter turns into a civil suit. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a physician’s or hospital’s negligence, contact the law offices at Garces, Grabler, and LeBrocq today.


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