In-play betting, otherwise known as live betting, has been an intriguing addition to sports betting over the years. Through this innovation, bettors can be more involved in the action by following the game closely and wagering on these games as they unfold.

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Mobile betting applications are essential in live betting as they provide the convenience you need for betting and allow you to monitor these games. An excellent example of a mobile application that provides this quality is the 22Bet app, offering bettors numerous options to take advantage of the live games on the app.

In an interview with Expotab, Jimmy Daytona, a betting expert at BetZillion, discussed the top wagering markets that punters may take advantage of when playing in-play bets.

What Are the Top Betting Markets for In-Play?

Compared to wagering on pre-games, your chances of winning are better after the game has started. You earn more profits on these games with live bets if you understand how well to read matches.

Additionally, it’s best to pitch your tent with a quality bookmaker with a mobile app that offers numerous betting options for your in-play bets. With the mobile app, you can make quick deposits to wager on these games and cash out your funds when necessary.

Here are the common betting markets that bettors can benefit from during live games:

  • Over/under market
  • Match winner
  • Next team to score
  • Next goalscorer
  • Correct score

Over/Under Market

Bettors tend to place the over/under market, also known as the total market, on pre-game. However, players can make the most from this bet via in-play. Bettors have to predict the number of goals to be scored in a game over or under a predetermined mark set by a betting site.

While in-play bets on this market are a good idea for teams who score a lot of goals, it can be challenging to predict games involving teams that are unpredictable and inconsistent. 

It is where your skill comes into play. 

You have to consider factors like:

  1. the scoring chances produced in a game, 
  2. the duration left in the game, 
  3. the quality of both team’s offensive and defensive sides, 
  4. etc.

Match Winner

While this is one of the popular pre-match bets amongst punters, betting sites also offer this option during in-play. The match-winner bet predicts the team who wins a match.


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Watching the game as it unfolds will enable you to make a better decision than when the game hasn’t begun. This is because a favorite can suddenly become an underdog due to circumstances like an injury to a top player or a disciplinary action that causes a reduction in the number of players in the team.

From your observation and the pattern of play from both teams, you can predict who will win the game as the game keeps progressing.

Next Team to Score

Almost all mobile betting sites and apps provide the next team to market to their members during in-play. As the name states, you must predict the next team to score a goal or point in a game. 

The beauty of in-play is that you can read the game to make this decision. From your observation, you could act based on the team’s performance. How the team plays, the importance of the match to the team and the chances the team has created will enable you to wager if a particular team will score the next goal or not.

For instance, you would anticipate both sides to try to score a second or third goal if they are currently tied, let’s say a 1-1 or 2-2 draw in a key Champions League quarterfinal match with a few minutes remaining before the final whistle.

Here is a typical example of a tense Champions League game:

Next Goalscorer

The Next Goalscorer market predicts the player that scores the next goal in a contest. The focus is usually on the team’s forward. So, for players like Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr, and Harry Kane, punters generally fancy them in this betting option because of how lethal they can be in front of the goal.

However, coaches and teams can set up a plan to hinder the involvement of such players in the game, which is why following the game on your Television or via live stream is essential. This way, you’d be able to see the player that has had the most shots, the number of infringements resulting in free kicks, the number of corner kicks conceded, and every other factor that could lead to a goal.

Robert Lewandowski has been a prolific goalscorer for Barcelona so far this season:

Correct Score

The score market involves predicting the exact score that can be recorded in a game in regulation time. It is a profitable pre-game market which you will also find during in-play.

While the game is on, bettors may wager on this betting market after much consideration. Factors like the current score, and the duration left in the game, can be helpful when placing a correct score bet.

For instance, if the scoreline in a game involving two teams is currently at 1-1 with few minutes left to the end of the game and both teams are not creating scoring chances, you can wager on this scoreline.

However, a goal can still occur within a few seconds of the end of the match, but you have to trust your instincts and your prediction skills to make your decision from what you can see on your screen.

The Premier League game between Fulham and Manchester United on Sunday, November 13, 2022, saw Manchester United score the winning goal in the last minute. 


Numerous betting markets are usually available during live games at betting sites to spice up the betting experience amongst punters. It is an additional excitement for bettors, and they also get the privilege of placing more profitable wagers. However, it would help if you were smart and fast with your decision-making during these live games, as odds constantly change while the actions unfold.


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