If you know what tools to customise your Android device, then this process will be easy and exciting for you. Android is still the most open for innovation platform than competing operating systems, and therefore many programs can be useful to android owners much more often.

There are many different applications that will serve you as reliable tools to customise your device. Among these tools is Youtv service which will help you diversify the internal structure of your smartphone. You won’t regret it if you start using other apps like that. In this article, we describe several of these programs. Among them:

  • Gboard and SwiftKey.
  • Energy Ring and Energy Bar.
  • IFTTT.
  • Reddit.

Gboard and SwiftKey

These are free applications for Android devices. They customise the keyboard and help make it more beautiful and convenient. Gboard and SwiftKey have many useful features and both are comfortable to use. Anyway, with these programs, you can turn your keyboard into any shape. If you are just starting to customise your smartphone or tablet, both these programs will be the best option and will set up your device at the highest level. There is not any advertising in these programs, despite the fact that SwiftKey charged a fee for particular thematic designs in the past.

Energy Ring and Energy Bar

Energy Ring and Energy Bar are both excellent programs for Android customization. The Energy Bar places a battery charge indicator at the top of a smartphone or tablet display that looks like a strip. This indicator gets shorter when the battery charge drops. At the same time, the Energy Ring makes this indicator in the form of a circle. This is a very aesthetic method of personalising your smartphone interface, which increases its functionality and even performance.

Both of these programs combine perfectly with all smartphones and tablets with fresh versions of Android, including Samsung. They will offer you many beautiful and unique settings that will make your phone interface beautiful and unique. These applications are paid subscriptions because their creator works on an optional donation system.


This is another useful and unique application that helps users with the issue of automation of various tasks. It functions in excellent support with more than 600 other programs such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The user will be able to do interesting things if you download it. On the Internet, there are many manuals about IFTTT. It transforms the local settings of smartphones and tablets, unlike many other programs that only change their appearance. Those programs that work in IFTTT compatibility combine with it and form an efficient and optimised interface within your phone base. In addition, this program operates completely free of charge and does not require you to pay a subscription.


This is a very popular and useful application that has a great history. IFTTT and Tasker are some of the programs that are derived from Ones of Reddit, so you can be sure that they support each other. This phone look editor will help you make it more personalised.

Thus, it will help you with useful tips on how you can achieve a certain effect, and which programs you should download, install and configure. It has whole packs with icons and wallpapers. However, you will definitely not get entangled in this editor and will be able to control it since it has a user-friendly interface. If necessary, any AI company can also lend you a hand in customizing an app.

Finally, we would like to talk about such useful programs as Android, which provide optimised mobile desktop users. They work perfectly with all inner settings of the device.


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