Glamping is a luxe version of camping known for many mental and psychological health benefits. From de-stressing and healthy planning to reflecting and introspecting, you can recharge in the solitude of your glamping tent and re-discover yourself, your calling, and your purpose.

Below, we explore all the ways you can take advantage of the solitude in glamping and renew your body, mind and soul:

  • No social media

It would not be a time away to recharge in solitude if you still constantly hear the distractions of your phone’s social media notifications. You have to abstain from being online to fully immerse yourself in the comfort of your glamping trip, especially if the internet as a whole is the source of your fears, worries, and anxiety; this brings us to the next point…

  • Read a book…or two

So that you do not get overly bored and to reward yourself for staying off social media, go with a favourite book or two the next time you go glamping. If you are not much of a reader, you could go with non-electronic games or, better still, give reading a try. These are alternatives to the internet and are healthy ways to engage your mind and your imagination.

  • Prepare to journal

What better way to plan and prepare for life moving forward after your time away on a solo discovery of self than to get things off your chest, stay grateful for present blessings, and be hopeful about the future than by journaling? It helps to go with a journal on a rejuvenating glamping trip because long-lasting and purposeful ideas tend to pop up on such occasions, and you want to be ready to jot them down when they come.

  • Lots of music

Listening to good music genres like classical and jazz is a proven way to calm the soul, aiding productive meditation, thinking and reflecting, and aiding fast sleep. Music has also been scientifically proven to have a calming effect on the brain by reducing pain, depression, anxiety, and stress and generally facilitating blood flow to the part of the brain that controls emotions.

  • Explore your environment

if your glamping site is within the warmth of nature, like a cleared patch in the forests or close to the ocean, a mountain top, or wherever you have decided to make your haven for the camping trip, then taking a walk around and spending time basking in the beauty of nature is a great way to enjoy your time out and promote mental and physical rejuvenation.

  • Cook your meals

It is always fun to try something new once in a while, like cooking. If cooking is novel to you, then you can hone your cooking skills on your next glamping trip, especially if the closest restaurant or supermarket is quite a distance. This is a great way to get your mind off your troubles and focus on something rewarding – in this case, the food you’d eat after cooking.

Finally, you can’t have a swell time on a solo glamping trip without a bell tent. The first step is to buy a quality and durable glamping tent, and you’re set for a refreshing time!

What other way do you recharge in solitude besides glamping?


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