If you were born between June 21 and July 22, your sun sign is Cancer, the volatile and passionate crab of the zodiac. Cancers feel everything deeply, so they often exhibit fierce passion and high emotion. Cancers tend to be artists, romantics and dynamic problem solvers. Psychic readings for Cancer in 2023 predict a roller coaster of a year that will provide plenty of inspiration. Like your namesake crab darting over a beach, keep moving to make the most of the changing tides.

Dark and Light

Unfortunately, your year may start off dark and cold. Some ominous planets are moving through your houses early this year, Cancer. Saturn is sweeping across your fellow water sign, Pisces, just as Pluto moves into your eighth house of love and relationships. Discover fresh clues and unravel a fascinating Signs Mystery in this story about a girl trying to figure out why strange things are happening to her family.

Saturn is all about rules, regulations and obligations. This means you can take some time to reflect and plan early in the year. As a Cancer, obligations to your loved ones mean a lot to you. Saturn’s influence may make you more dependable than ever during this time, so nurture those relationships now to make them blossom in spring and summer.

Pluto is the god of the Underworld, but this planet’s presence doesn’t always mean death and despair. In fact, this intimate planet may revolutionize your closest relationships and even spark romance in unexpected places. A Cancer knows all about the dark sides of emotions, so make Pluto’s graveyard energy work for you and lean into the drama of it all. If the balance between life and death becomes too confusing, check out a Cancer love horoscope each day for guidance.

Later in the year, the sun will shine as Jupiter sweeps into your eleventh house of relationships and community. Remember all the family and friend relationships you invested in? Now is the time to make them shine. Jupiter brings outward success to your endeavors in the summer of 2023.

Ups and Downs

In October, there will be a solar eclipse on the horizon. Eclipses always mean cosmic shake-ups. This one may hit especially hard since it’s in your fourth house, which governs family relationships. Use your legendary skills of empathy and emotional attunement to make the most of the eclipse season. Remember that hard conversations often lead to lasting positive change.

Unfortunately, Mercury will go into retrograde for you in winter 2023. This planet’s regression brings legendary bad luck. Near the end of the year, be prepared for plans to fall through and flights to be delayed. Keep a journal or start a new artistic project during this time to channel your emotions into something positive and lasting.

Hang in There

The theme of 2023 for Cancer is that it’s always darkest before the dawn. The planets are shaping up to give you a year full of newfound highs and confusing lows.

Make a point to develop tenacity this year by harnessing your transformative water sign energy. Browsing California Psychics reviews to choose a trustworthy psychic can give you a shoulder to lean on when things are looking bleak. Harness the ups and stay steady through the downs to come out on top in 2023.


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