A Better and Greener Commercial Cooling System

As environmental awareness grows, many building owners are looking for ways to make their buildings more eco-friendly. And for a good reason – according to the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, buildings account for 40% of global energy usage. A large portion of that usage comes from cooling systems, which can take up 40 to 50% of a single building’s total energy output. Since most commercial structures have these systems running all day, it’s no wonder they consume so much electricity.

Sustainability has been emphasised more and more in recent years, so building owners are now looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Cooling as a Service or CaaS is one option to cool a building that can provide comfortable temperatures while also helping with emissions reduction.

Why Cooling as a Service?

The CaaS model is an environmentally friendly approach for a commercial cooling system. CaaS providers couple chilled water systems with the CaaS approach to provide comfortable temperatures in buildings. Compared to other cooling methods, chilled water systems have superior energy efficiency.

Building owners who opt for CaaS can expect ease and convenience.

Cooling as a Service providers build and maintain a chilled water system in the client’s building so that the building owner can focus on their business rather than cooling system maintenance. In other words, building owners only need to pay for cooling, just like with monthly utility bills for electricity or water usage.

The advantages of CaaS as a commercial cooling system

Using CaaS, you, as building owners, will experience various advantages. For starters, since providers own and operate the chilled water systems in your building, you won’t have to spend any of your money on a cooling system. Additionally, the provider will take care of all maintenance for the system, so that costly operational or maintenance fees don’t become an issue for you down the road.

In addition, the CaaS approach also lowers your company’s carbon footprint. The CaaS provider constantly monitors the system to make sure it is performing at its best and adjusting as needed. To put it simply, building owners will receive information on how much energy their cooling systems are using. Based on these numbers, you can then adapt their needs accordingly.

The CaaS model can be used for various types of buildings

CaaS is the best commercial cooling solution, especially for medium to large structures, including office buildings, data centres, retail stores, and warehouses. It’s perfect not just for new construction projects but for renovations as well.


The CaaS model offers building owners to bring a comfortable and sustainable cooling solution for occupants and tenants. Building owners also don’t have to worry about the cooling system and just focus on their business because the CaaS provider is responsible for the chilled water system in your building. In short, CaaS is the answer for cost-effective and efficient cooling for any medium or large buildings.

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