Despite a global pandemic and supply chain shortages, most small businesses are optimistic about their business’ health and cash flow. In fact, 63% report their business being in good health.

The secret ingredient: copywriting services.

A good copywriter knows your brand, your business and its offerings, and knows how to get results via the written word.

Looking for a reason to hire a copywriting service? Here are 3 reasons why you need to hire a copywriter now.

1. It Saves You Time

Maybe you’re not a great writer, maybe you’re merely an okay writer. Or maybe you are a fantastic writer. In either scenario, you’re still spending something if you decide to do your own copywriting: time.

You can’t get back the time you spend doing everything yourself. However, if you hire a copywriter, that allows you to use your free time for more important business tasks.

Research shows that business owners work an average of 50 hours a week. The majority of that time is spent on daily tasks, not on tasks related to growing their business. That means more time spend on payroll and administrative tasks, not on tasks like marketing.

Hiring a copywriter means your time is spent running other aspects of your business.

Plus, it’s likely that your copywriter can get the job done faster than if you had done it yourself.

2. You’re Too Close to the Topic

Being too familiar with your industry can hurt you. Your customers won’t know all of your confusing jargon or lingo.

They may not know about all of your solutions and services (and in many cases, don’t need to know every overwhelming detail). They have a specific problem, and they need a specific solution.

A fresh, objective perspective from a third party means your value can be communicated to customers better. A copywriter can make sure that they think of your services when looking for a solution.

3. Copywriting Services Are Flexible

A copywriter’s services can cover a broad spectrum of written content.

A few examples include:

  • Creating or revising product listings
  • Writing video scripts
  • Creating sales copy
  • Writing direct response copy
  • Revamping your web content
  • Writing newsletters

A copywriter can create, edit, or refresh so much content for your business.

Plus, some copywriters have areas of specialty that they excel in, such as healthcare, finance, or sales. It’s helpful to check out FreeUp copywriting or another site that aggregates copywriters together in one place. This makes it easy to browse and find the right copywriter for your project.

Hire a Copywriter for Your Business

Copywriting services can be used to position your business as an expert in your field. You could also use them to cultivate a sense of trust and loyalty amongst your clients. Good copy does more than sell your brand, it persuades readers without coming across as heavy-handed sales speak.

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